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  1. I think 1 only one change would be really much help. Making PTS a 100% success and raise the materials for it a bit. This way there will be meaning of farming materials and everything, you can gear up but you work for it also. So it might become much better. And when you try craftin 10 (sum the materials) and all fails or you get 1. You worked for a long time for nothing. I know prices would drop like hell, and ppl who were selling those would be annoyed, but those ppl are only the lucky ones who was lucky enough to get out enough PTS from materials for him to worth it.
  2. I'm playing this game for 2 years and have the gear to run VT. And getting ready to run VT is not endgame anymore cuz there is TT ofc and aransu 9 that's truly endgame. And the gold... There might be a lot in the game. But I was talking about new players. what's with the prices. 20 gold for evolved stone. it used to be 9. 10-13 gold for moonstone and so on. And about comparing the gold and HM coin ratio... It's okey that a lot of ppl selling gold cuz they have a lot, but you can buy it for real money only. After this point there is no use of it
  3. I aggree with everything. Posting here just for the original post to appear again in the list... I loved this. I think the same. Usual players on these games are not ppl who are 25-30 years old who can earn money enough to pay to win. It's usually 16-20 yers who are on univ, studying and so on. I'm like this thta's why :D Even I buy things sometimes. But if the game becomes unplayable cuz I cannot reach anything even if I Play every day, and I leave the game I will not spen a single coin on it. So it might be not much if it's just me. But if hundreds of players like me le
  4. idk why some ppl really defending NC. Nothing personal it's in general. There are really ppl who think this is all right and there is nothing to complain about. Just as I said before. Try to play on a fresh account and try to gear up let's say in 3-4 mounths for VT. You will not be able to do it. That's all. and a third of a year playing every day is not a short time. You'll simply loose interest. And if it's about money, the new players who might trove or buying cosmetics so spending real money, when they leave cuz there is no fun anymore asking ppl to carry you or paying them to carry y
  5. Just wanted to comment here that I aggree with the oroginal post :D I've made a post also weeks ago, I've sent a support ticket also. I saw they responded here that they're communicating with the developers and everything. I think whoever feels like there is clearly no way for a newcommer to gear up even for dungeons not to mention BT or VT, send a support ticked in the Suggestion section. That way they'll defenetly see that doing the weekly for ~50 gold and the dungeons that mid players can do let's say up to DD, it's just like NS-IF-EL-SSM-HH-DD, which is 45-60 gold, is not enou
  6. Dear GM's I just wanted to inform you about a lot of ppl's opinion about the new daily challenge reward and the dungeon rewards. Noone understands why the 1-10-100-1000 gold has been removed from the daily challenge, Why there is no elder dragon box anymore in SSM/EL and so on. Why got NS reward decreased despite Xanos' enrage time is the half now than before. Why got the IF/SSM and similar dungeons sidequests nerfed also to 30 silver, similar to zero. That's okey that nryu foundry is decreased from 5 gold BUT not understandable why to 1 gold and not 3 for example. You can fa
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