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  1. Moonstone for nccoin?

    market have a great purpose that is alternate way of earning your gold in game. making it pointless to sell on market makes the market itself a useless system... market must be stable to some extent without loosing its legitimacy of a way to earn gold. the second you allow p2w flood the market all the mats you choose to buy instead of putting more time to get become worthless. means crafting become worthless... ruining core systems of making gold that exist in every todays mmo making the game litteraly impossible for the non payers to sustain themselves... eventually you buy one thing you need and sell another you dont. if what you need constantly being high at price and what you dont need only drops you end up being unable to earn the gold in a gold making system that suppose to support itself based on its concept. and eventually you end up buying NCoins and exchange them for gold to make it some how to be a reasonable amount to make progress in a reasonable time. getting 320 stingers can take you monthes, weaks or days or you can just buy them for a price. but when it comes to moonstones and players who need the stingers over the moonstones (hell knows if its even possible) want to sell them on the market to earn the gold to buy the stingers end up with less stinger for one moonstone sold...
  2. Moonstone for nccoin?

    my point is that flooding the market with crafting/upgrading mats droping their value (some times intentionaly by those swipers)
  3. Moonstone for nccoin?

    also allowing people who pay to destroy the market for those who actually work hard to make the gold, sinse they just buy the mats and sell them so cheap the stuff i grinded my ass off to sell for a good price on the market and make my profit in the end of the day turns to nothing since those who have free access to it without spending a minute farming just flood the market with low prices and remove any way to earn gold in a legit way for the "freeloaders"...
  4. A petition to change the gathering system

    an option but i dont think if all the players will mind giving their openion they will ignore it this much... if you look at gw2 for example its a f2p now with abit of limited new content for only those who pay for it. other then that if we act like they dont care they will have no reason too...
  5. Hello dear community Ide like to start a petition to change the unfair system of gathering where only those who have the lower ping get to enjoy the rich quartz veins. The offer is to make an alternative systems in order to make the competition fair or an individual system that will remove competition on resources from the open world and will make it completly self dependent on the individual player. option #1 - make it that any vein will spawn randomly across all the map and wont show on the side map or world map any longer. in order to find it you must be in a radius of 20 meters from the vein in order to have an indication on the map. that way bots or players with low ping wont be able to camp the spots and use the advantage of knowing the spawn times and any one who wants to get quartz for a use of crafting or profit on the market will have a fair chance. option #2 - make the veins visible but individual to every player. there will be no rich veins tho sinse there will be no point going and gathering the lower tier veins. once you gather the vein its gone for the rest of the day (optional) or it will have a time period of a number of hours till the next spawn. this way the gathering guilds will have a meaning and wont make others feel like the system is rigged caz some players have better ping so they make more profit. also the need for pickaxes will grow and the need for resources too caz the amount on the market will be defined buy how much you can gather vs how much you need to use in orther to craft. bottom line it doesnt impact the market and brings more options to make gold in game. so if you feel like this issue can change the way we play this game in a good way leave a comment below and what is your prefferd change. if you dont at least explain why and dont make it sound like you support bots.
  6. you have sent a support ticket? lucky you i cant even do that....
  7. All gathering is lost to bot users

    just so you know (caz i guess you are not aware of that), todays mmo's the economy is player based. you have 3 major ways to earn your money: killing mobs, doing missions and gathering/mining resources. some prefer to do one then another. the bots make your need of gathering pointless caz you have no complain about the prices on the market. but if they ware high you would eventually would need to farm it yourself to upgrade/evolve your equipement or earn gold by doing everything besides gathering and buy it from the market. in this game we have 2 ways to make gold ONLY 2 - daily quests and market. nothing from slaying mobs. so now if you are so lazy and wish the bots to feed you with everything you need for doing almost nothing then yeah, stay with this lazy ass attitude. with this attitude lets also remove the market and gathering from the game and let NCsoft put endless amout of resources in npc store and all the people buy it for the same price. how is that sound to you? we are in 2016 mmo's are not so boring anymore. to be in line with every other triple A f2p mmo you must put in the game a player based economy nothing less, otherwise, there is only one way to earn your income and its not the standart of todays mmo's.
  8. All gathering is lost to bot users

    Soooooo *cricket* true!!!! And not let it be visible on the map. YEAH that's right no map indication. Unless you are 10 meters away from it. Just like for friend indication on map.
  9. Hello everyone Idk if this subject was ever discussed lately but I would like to bring it up (again I guess) and hope some one there in NCsoft will end this BS... I've got into the gathering business not a while ago and ofc we all know what is the most desirable quartz to gather. However as we all know its not an easy task. In order to make a profit you must find the rich gathering spots, and as we all know the number is very small... So we stand there all together fighting the war of finger vs macro and praying for the best. UNTILL a new comer shows up out of thin air and WOOSH no vein and no quartz. In other cases we see the spawn, we all start wondering why? Why non of us can pick it up? Untill again someone showes up 5 seconds spawn and just take it like non of us is standing there... I mean come on... When that dude decides to troll us, not only thay he doesn't take the loot, he also tells us how much is in it and then just leave us there and disappears... Leaving us to hear the painful words "this item belongs to another player"... And after about half an hour we just start to give up on any hope that this " bug" will fix itself some how and will let us pick it up... There is no way people will keep playing this game if the market will run by bots who can have what ever they want when ever its there. I suggest you (NCsoft) will find a solution. Individual veins, gathering cap per day, idk figure this **** up (and many other things). How good is your reputation if your F2P is so open to bots to rule over your system?