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  1. @Zaraosguth what you said is true;Proving it to you is impossible; but After what happen to me the last 2 days, It proved itself. I am sorry that I can not discus the matter of what, why and how because I have agreed to follow the Blade and Soul code of conduct. thank you for the time you spend on following up my topic. Note that, this was happening before the update.
  2. This topic is not about crying the price of the stone. I wanted to point out that there was interference affected the successful percentage of the stone before the update. Like I mentioned at the first post, After the maintenance Wed Nov 30, the rate was extremely low, For me, it was 0%. If that was to continue the price of the stone would spike. Some people said that there was no proof of this, but after the last 2 troubling days I have proven that It was true
  3. The Silverfrost premium transformation stone is hard to transmute but its not impossible. The point is that NCsoft NA took the opportunity when demand of the SPTSs are high, they make it even harder - almost impossible to transmute. By lowering down the percentage of the success, Crafter will sell them in high prices, and PAY TO WIN Players has to spend more money through currency exchange in order to get the stone. Also, telling players that require materials reduced for upgrade legendary weapon, but intentionally force the price of the SPTS up. This is the part that NCSOFT NA messed up
  4. As we all know the new update will reduce the material cost of the weapon upgrade With the Ruins of Khanda Vihar update we’ll be releasing Baleful/Seraph Weapon Stages 7 through 9, as well as adjusting upgrade costs from Stage 1 through Stage 6 to more evenly progress material requirements, and overall reduce the material cost. What we did not know is that NCsoft NA had secretly reduced the success rate of crafting the Silverfrost premium transformation stone (PSTS) SIGNIFICANTLY since the last maintenance ( 0 % in my case). I also come across other players who have experienced the
  5. This is NCsoft intended. From the last maintenance, the suscessful rate of transmutation has been decreased without notification. Due to the new update and the reduced material requirement for weapon upgrade, NCSOFT reduced the chance of success in order to increase the price of Silverfrost Premium transformation stone. Sadly to said but it is a scam behind the scene here. NCSOFT is just trick players to believe that they are going to reduce the cost of upgrading, but instead they jack up the price of the material itself. Price may go back to x2/SPTS tomorrow. I have submited the ticket that r
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