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  1. The reason why NCWest made BM OP.

    You're still a whale.
  2. "Work hard" how did this went wrong?

    They're doing it so people BEG "please put the ring and necklace on the cash shop".
  3. You don't know how good you got it

    So because other games are completely crap we should be happy with this horrendous RNG system BnS has? Completely lack of QoL stuff, I'm a clan leader and can't even see an activities log, WTF??????????????????? Playing alts? Forget about it. It's the same "A is worse than B". Ok, it doesn't make B a good thing.
  4. Balde & Soul South America Server

    What games are you talking about? If you look at the 10 top games, at least 7 of them have a South America server. Do you have an idea of how big is the gaming industry in SA? You clearly don't know. using your same logic, if NA has so much potential, why took more than 5 years for this game to come to the west?
  5. Balde & Soul South America Server

    Tell me why you think it's not enough population... Give me a valid argument please.
  6. Brethren and sisters We have done it part 2

    They did this because they LOST a lot of customers because of the stupid heavy grind. This is why they're lowering the costs for everything, because the majority of west players doesn't like this kind of thing. "oh it's a korean game", and?? So why they brought this to the west then?
  7. Petition for a South American server

    Since this thread was created more and more games have a South America server and some of them didn't even translated the game to Spanish/Portuguese. Because the players already knows english and do not mind learning it if needed. NCsoft could give it a shot, make an Alpha version here or beta to see how big the market would be. Again: YOU DON'T HAVE TO TRANSLATE THE GAME FOR US.
  8. I'm sorry

    Stop... Just stop. How is he able to know if the game is good without playing? If I prove a new food and don't enjoy it you gonna say "no one forced you to eat"? @OP you don't wanna play the game? MMO's are not for you then.
  9. Returning player with 250+ ping

    Summoner. Don't even think about other classes. I play with 140ms and Summ is the only one viable in your case.
  10. Why so many ppl left BNS ?

    What I wrote were the reasons why people left the game back then, not anymore. I KNOW it's getting better, I already know everything you said.
  11. Why so many ppl left BNS ?

    1 - Gear progression extremelly pricing. 2 - Grind + RNG is not a good thing (run the same dungeon 300+ and get NOTHING). 3 - Bots, spammers, gold sellers. 4 - Lack of support from ncsoft with the pvp community. 5 - Poor servers, fps bug in arena, ping going up for no reasons while it's perfect in other games. 6 - RNG events. 7 - Super toxic community. 8 - Lack of Quality of Life improvements, super hard and grindy to gear up an alt just to have fun. 9 - Poor game optimization due to it's crap engine. 10 - Stupid stuff like Bay Lee, minor things like not having a dragon pulse at the begining of a dungeon that leads to the last boss when someone DC or join the party later.
  12. Wind build>Fire build KFM

    Fire is superior on everything. sustain, burst, aoe, searing palm uptime.
  13. Suggestion: Make draken necklace tradable

    How about this: When you kill the last boss, the box from Dynamic Quest gives you 1 Desolate token, you can buy the necklace with 200 tokens. At weekends the number of tokens is doubled. -People still have to work their ass off grinding this shit -zero RNG. You KNOW you gonna get your reward after all the grind.
  14. 99 Whirlwind War Chests

    Wait a stupid second... You have TWO legi necklace?
  15. The dungeon difficulty doesn't fit it's rewards. I myself don't find it hard, but the effort you put in this dungeon to beat it DOESN'T fit the completely poor rewards.