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  1. You banned Force Master from PVP

    they should make max 2 same class per acc
  2. Shacked Isles Guide

    yeah i have FM and kfm has to much dmg and resist for me his stuns and dmg and stun from items baam
  3. Spent 3 hours to win still trying to win WWV

    Problem with whales is easy they should separate pvp from pve all pvp gear should be obtainable only with stuff from PVP wep ss even accessories but no for galaxy wep they ask damn ely orbs
  4. Did not get up gradable weapon and I'm past tutorial`

    If u are at silverfrost u can buy upgradable weapon u have NPC that sells Ivory at grand harvest for valor stones NPC is located at wheel in middle of grand harvest If u are lower lvl just do main quest and change weapons until u get IVORY
  5. KR Force Master Changes

    well on BNSTREE skill is kinda different description
  6. KR Force Master Changes

    Is it me am i blind or we are losing counter on IMPACT And i was so happy about HM RMB and chill penetrates def and parry :( Rest is useless to comment anyway well lucky for me i am only HM 12 i can always start over and make scumm or bd or sin seems that most op classes always get some buffs R.I.P. My dear FM
  7. PvP "rewards" are not rewarding anymore

    I have my main for pvp and pve i have 2 alts for pvp only Would be nice to make some gear for pvp Galaxy wep for 10k soulstones instead of 50 honorary ornaments or something i dont wanna farm ornaments since i dont do pve Also ring neck brac belt for battleground for some bravery coins only for pvp
  8. idea to fix ssp

    well you can solve that make 1 pause per player in duration of 20 sec for 4 man dung or just simply to enter code when u enter 4 man dung you have to write verification code from your email once or twice per day depends how many times your router resets some ppl have static ip also :D And after all don't we all want less lag and better gaming experience you know what they say YOU HAVE TO PAY THE PIPER
  9. idea to fix ssp

    well ssp or arena or pve its simple solution every hour randomly put pop up window and ask for some random code like captcha and bot problem solved yes ppl will cry but that would solve 90% of bots and afkers
  10. Inferior HM Skills

    I think you do miss something but really was long time ago can't remember what. Check your quest list maybe you forgot to talk with someone or something similar and be sure you got achievement