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  1. Maybe stop constantly ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up patches/lying to the player base and not offering compensation on it. Really starting to become annoying.
  2. You did not read what they said. They said that XML editing can remove the Global Cooldown of skills. Which it can. And do you really think that there is no benefit whatsoever from removing certain animations from the game?
  3. Alright. This is probably trivial but it's finally bothered me enough to ask-- why the hell can't you mail Lights Out? It's an amazing costume that I'd love to have on my main (I rerolled) and a costume that I paid for(twice bc I got it for an alt ). It didn't bother me THAT much until I noticed that you can mail the Lights Out accessories, such as the hairstyle and the mask, but not the actual costume.
  4. Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any way to force Blade & Soul to be ran by an AMD graphics card like how you can with NVIDIA.
  5. The last few days, the game has had pretty bad ping issues. I would normally assume that I am alone in this, but almost everyone in Arena Region chat was complaining of some sort of lag or ping issues last night. In PvE it's not that big of a deal [even though the spikes can get pretty bad at times], but even so, does anyone know what the heck is going on?
  6. What this tweet essentially says is "we wanted to add an extra area of difficulty to the game by introducing a chance to miss your CC's during crucial times, possibly resulting in a *wipe* dependant on where you are and what you're doing!" This claim that their "stats have been adjusted" is completely and 100% bogus, and it honestly seems like a half-assed way of covering their asses without having to fix anything. Now, I am smarter than that, and I would like to believe otherwise, but I genuinely do not know what else could be used to explain this farse. Do the devs actually play the game
  7. Thank you, but this needs to be solved ASAP. Considering that most-- if not all of the endgame weapons and mats require Silverfrost Quartz along the line since all of them require multiple PSTS'. Before the Consolidation, whilst it was harder to get, it was at least possible. Now, you can clearly see what Luna has said to be truth among ALL Quartz spawns, and smaller Quartz spawns aren't helping. They need to either be removed from the game, or at least make it to where every player can mine the Quartz spawns.
  8. Obviously since there are less servers, OW materials like Quartz are becoming a scarcity. Since the server consolidation, they have increased dramatically in price, and if you wanted to farm them yourself, you'll have to fight about 20+ other farmers. Please fix this.
  9. That costume was already in the specials last week. What the hell is going on, NCSoft? Do you want people to use NCoin or not? e.e
  10. This Yun looks a lot like my Summoner. Very nice!
  11. Why would you even release VT 24m and then nerf it in less than a month? *This makes no sense.*
  12. I personally still like Jin, because the way Yun stands is weird, and it is incredibly hard to find their proportions, but it's doable. Most people on the game make their characters ugly as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ so it's fine anyway. *Sips Tea*
  13. It has been 3 and a half weeks of server instability, and I've had just about enough. I understand DDoS is hard to protect against and whatever, but there has been almost no announcement on what is being done, or if the servers are still being DDoS'd or not. Regardless, this constant server lag/instability is becoming monotonous, and something needs to be done about it.
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