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  1. I have to admit this post fustrates me.   You want HM coins and NC coins to be the same currency? I'm assuming so that all the items in the hongmoon  will be available to all players even those who won't spend a penny on the game. How is this a good idea? Maybe you should be grateful this game even has a currency exchange system that allows you to purchase most of items in the cash shop using in game currency. A lot of mmorpgs wont even do that and the fact that people can't even appreciate this annoys me. And in regards to having premium available through hm coins further shows the unappreciation some people have. Premium is premium for a reason. Just seems like you want everything for free. How do you expect this game to make money after all these suggestions are implemented in your imaginary world. What do you expect the game to run on? Air?  If anything, these 2 suggestions alone will break the game.   
  2. Try opening more than 1 valentine boxes at a time. I opened 4 today and crit twice.  I also have better luck with daily challenge reward chests when i open between 10-20 boxes at a time. Which usually gives me better chance of getting 10g or even sometimes 100g. Yesterday i got super lucky. I made my legendary weapon and got gem 5 slots. I upgraded it at an unpopulated area, away from vendors on a end content map. As I've heard this is supposed to increase your rng luck. I'm most likely being superstitious but its worked out for me and there's no harm in trying, right?
  3. only yun dont have a unique class

    I would love if they would release more classes for Yun, not necessarily specific to Yun. I just think with the Yun character creation you can create some really adorable asthetics.
  4. Previous costumes

    travellers outfit pleaaaase  T.T
  5. Hairstylist NPC

    Normally I would agree, since I'm all about the cosmetics in blade and soul. But with all the better hairstyles coming out as wigs I find the current system just fine. The only reason I would probably request for a hairstyle npc is if they introduced new hair styles into the character creation menu.
  6. Show off your characters!!

    Can't log in to take screen shots due to maintenance atm but here's a video of my Yun ^_^    
  7. BNS isn't dying for me anytime soon. I think too many people focus on the downfalls and forget all the great things about this game.  There are many mmorpgs that make you pay a lot more for cash shop items and some only provide items and costumes with rng. The other day i spent 4 times as much on a costume in a mobile mmorpg and I didnt even get a full set. A game that bases most/everything cash shop on an rng system and then makes it so you can get trash and the success rate low, is one that I would consider money hungry. Those games I would consider not consumer friendly.  I am so thankful bns isn't like that. I personally think their customer support is great and they actually listen to the feedback players give them. With all the recent changes I think that proves it. Perhaps with this bundle they let a lot of players down, but at the same time they made a lot of players happy. You can't win everyones affection.  Also even having an ingame currency exchange isn't always available in an mmorpg. BNS provided that for us, so I feel its kind of sad when people feel the need to complain that a specific bundle isnt available for f2p players when most things are. Nothing in the cash shop would even be available to you in some mmorpgs so take a minute to think about that.  I don't even think it's a case of where people can't afford it. You probably have a decent computer to run the game and a decent internet connection which both are payed for. I think most that are complaining either are annoyed that its so easy to obtain when they spent so much time working for their items (which i understand) or teens who dont have a credit/debit card to pay for the package.  Up until a few years ago I couldnt afford to buy anything in a game. All i could do was envy those with the money and the means.  But those that do pay for items with money, probably earned it by working their 🍑 off. Some people work full time and packages like these can help those that work full time catch up to those that play full time.  It's pretty amazing how some of the people in this thread talk like they are entitled to that bundle. Smh    
  8. Thanks for the reply. That's a real shame. I was looking forward to using this event towards collecting high quality fabric and transmuting to highborn costume for my Yun. The fabric themselves sell for about 17g on the EU server which isnt that bad either.  
  9. I can understand the fustration of the players who have spent a long time farming for these items. And now it's easily available to anyone who can afford it. I did however buy these bundles not really understanding their value just because of how so many people are saying it's worth way more than at what it's priced. Since that seems to be the case I dont understand why ncsoft didnt sell these bundles for more. Is it possible that with all these recent changes that the offals and elixer may be more easier to obtain through in game content?
  10. Can you salvage the outfits for high quality fabric? I think the ones in dragon express are salvagable.
  11. Do you just consume offals of silence, darkness and luminescence to learn the special skill? Or is it part of a quest/ training book requirement? Same question for Chilling flame elixer
  12. So it says I need to have unlocked the achievement "hongmoon secret technique - comet strike" in order to allocate a skill point to tier 5 comet strike...   However I believe I have already unlocked the achievement...   But it wont let me put a skill point on tier 5. Is there something I've missed out?
  13. The Wardrobe

    I purchase costumes quite often, I'm going to need the wardrobe feature soon since im running out of inventory/storage space but i dont really want a premium membership. I can see why they put it in there, so it encourages players to purchase premium and the wardrobe is the only reason I'd even consider purchasing premium.