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  1. Is there a way to turn off loading screen art?

    Even though these art pieces may not meet your standards, a lot of work is put into them. I certainly appreciate them and although everyone is entitled to their opinion is it really necessary to put these art work down just because you like something different?
  2. I asked jonathan Lien. Those with hongmoon accessories will still be able to continue using these accessories.  It seems the only thing that will change is that you wont be able to upgrade them.
  3. Keep hongmoon accessories?

    I personally find the hongmoon accessories better. Although the pinnacle necklace is good for the extra crit. I was told these changes would be made with next content patch so either this wednesday or next wednesday. Not sure.
  4. The true boss accessories will still be salvageable after the changes have been made. But as far as I'm aware you won't be able to upgrade your hongmoon accessories any further than the stage at which they are at after the content patch. So if you havn't maxed the hongmoon accessories by  then you wont be able to salvage them for legendary jewels.
  5. Keep hongmoon accessories?

    They are planning to remove the upgrade path for hongmoon accessories with next content patch so it depends whether u can max out those accessories before then. 
  6. New class ideas anyone?

    Scythe weilding class sounds awesome.  I'd also like to see a bard class or archer
  7. It's already been made public so i dont understand why my post was deleted.   Hongmoon accessories will no long be upgradeable with next content patch.   Edit: The visual upgrade paths are being removed however the accessories will remain upgradeable, my bad.          
  8. I think the better suggestion would be to bring back hongmoon accessories. That way those unhappy with pinnacle can opt for the hongmoon accessories instead.
  9. Perhaps this event is to compensate higher geared players since the recent update with making the weapon upgrade path to ivorymoon stage 10  easier and pinnacle accessories didnt really benefit them.   Or perhaps this event is meant to help ivorymoon stage 10 players get the materials for legendary (would make sense with all the recent complaints).   It seems that this event may be targeted towards a certain group of players. Although its hard to say at this point.   Itwould be sad if everyone isnt able to participate. I atleast hope there is more to the event for lower geared players.
  10. Cost reduction for legendary weapon?

    My thoughts on this topic    
  11. From the way that you responded to my response it seems like you think I'm a p2w player. Let me clarify this for you I am not. But I have supported this game by puchasing costumes and perhaps the odd bundle but I think that hardly makes me p2w.   I didnt say anything about goldsellers. All I was saying is to be grateful B&S has a currency exchange feature because a lot of mmorpgs dont.    I know I didnt clarify this in my previous post although it shouldve been obvious but i was referring to financial support. An mmorpg can't survive on moral support alone.    My initial point was that I dont agree that hm coins and nc coins should be merged into 1 currency and premium should not be made available for f2p players through hm coins as I strongly believe this will hurt the game in the long run.   I have to ask , was your reply even meant for my response?  Because half the stuff you are responding to are things I didnt even say.            
  12. Cost reduction for legendary weapon?

    I don't understand why some newer players are complaining. Everyone is progressing at more or less the same pace except now it's been made easier for newer players to reach 650AP.  I must be doing something wrong because I've been playing for 8 months, only got my legendary weapon last week (still using my old accessories) AND I'm just bearly 650AP (648AP). Those people that you see with 800+ AP are most likely not f2p players so there is no point compairing yourself to them unless your willing to throw money into the game. The endgame content is pretty much upgrading your gear unless you're more into pvp. Making upgrading easy takes the fun out of that.   
  13. I have to admit this post fustrates me.   You want HM coins and NC coins to be the same currency? I'm assuming so that all the items in the hongmoon  will be available to all players even those who won't spend a penny on the game. How is this a good idea? Maybe you should be grateful this game even has a currency exchange system that allows you to purchase most of items in the cash shop using in game currency. A lot of mmorpgs wont even do that and the fact that people can't even appreciate this annoys me. And in regards to having premium available through hm coins further shows the unappreciation some people have. Premium is premium for a reason. Just seems like you want everything for free. How do you expect this game to make money after all these suggestions are implemented in your imaginary world. What do you expect the game to run on? Air?  If anything, these 2 suggestions alone will break the game.   
  14. Try opening more than 1 valentine boxes at a time. I opened 4 today and crit twice.  I also have better luck with daily challenge reward chests when i open between 10-20 boxes at a time. Which usually gives me better chance of getting 10g or even sometimes 100g. Yesterday i got super lucky. I made my legendary weapon and got gem 5 slots. I upgraded it at an unpopulated area, away from vendors on a end content map. As I've heard this is supposed to increase your rng luck. I'm most likely being superstitious but its worked out for me and there's no harm in trying, right?
  15. only yun dont have a unique class

    I would love if they would release more classes for Yun, not necessarily specific to Yun. I just think with the Yun character creation you can create some really adorable asthetics.