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  1. Hello there! Post here your unaccepted works for design contest (costume/weapon). I think other players would be interested to see them too. Here is mine. I was thinking to abstract a bit from making "fan service" costume (like summer style, modern, technological, etc.) and focus more on martial arts theme, to make it look humble and also make it fit into bns lore with all this magic and mystery. Called it "Nomad's light"
  2. Compact UI?

    Hi! I have been playing bns for a while now, and formed my personal view on the game. There are a lot of things that devs can and need to improve in the game build, but what about UI? I haven't seen any major changes in UI probably since the eu launch and even before that, I have tried bns on russian pirate servers when it was unavailable in na & eu, even then ui was looking pretty much the same as now. If it's still not time to completely rework it , then what about making it a bit cleaner and less distracting? I tried to work my idea (without reworking design) with adding minimize buttons to different interfaces and how it can look, however, I haven't worked it thoroughly and I am not the best ui designer but you can get the idea. How it's now Minimized version