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  1. I wish i could just block him. Best thing to do is to not respond to him he never finds fault with the game only the players. Hes a troll of the white knight kind.
  2. [moderated content - non B&S related] Stop spending money on these games its all on purpose to screw players.
  3. People post moml for CS run then when you bid on the first boss they say my orb my loot, I just say thats not how that works and its never been that way for as long as ive played(over two years). Had one guy not use his orb because i bid on a feather, he left group so i just used one orb i had and the party moved on. If people post moml both bosses i dont join simple as that for me.
  4. Did CS last boss i used my orb and some azz out bid me on hepta ticket then tried to apologize. I was like cool and he said hey can i have it for 70 gold and then he decide to bid it. Greedy assss.
  5. Not your loot if you didnt use an orb. Thats the way the cookie crumble dont be greedy. If you want the loot use your own orb.
  6. The stuff you get from the boxes is garbage compared to the price i have to pay for the mats. This event is worse than the last.
  7. Yes other people may care to bid up all the xp badges instead of just taking the one, so i dont care after having to put up with peoples behavior. You worry about you and ill be me.
  8. Ya i afk after i get my 10 kills and then come back for last boss. This event sux and is boring. I dont care about xp badges that badly, waste of time on this event. Only thing worth it is the bag.
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