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  1. I can already see you do not read, I said awakening patch is a great thing, except NCWEST making everything all come at once. Kr patch awakened 6 month ago, and slowly introduced the rest, whereas in NA, we getting them all at once. Read please, learn to read, ty.
  2. NCWest really screwing up this good chance to get some old returning players...I know personally some of my friends are ready to return to the game for the awakening patch, but with the introduction of Fame System, Pet/Outfit collections, and this stupid high cost of Nova, everything all at ONCE, some of them just simply said they won't even get back to the game anymore. Does NCWest ever consider how dead this game is in NA/EU??? You need to attract old/new players, not to make them quitting because of your stupid plans. Make the game more friendly is more than just saying, you need to act.
  3. @Onevirus - I looked at the reply, but no it is not clear at all, a simple yes or no answer from the GM or community manager is much better.
  4. @ Onevirus - Source? I was expecting a reply from the GM, thanks for your reply though.
  5. Hi, I have a question regarding the gems. I noticed that salvaging the dyed-tri gem grants 2 expired Glided Tri gems, which can be antiqued for a Glided Tri + 96 gem powders, which is the difference compared to transmute now vs transmute after awakening, thanks for that, but how about the current Glided Tri gems? Are they going to be antiqued? Or is the antique gems only apply to the salvaged Dyed-Tri? I transmuted 3 Dyed-Tri and 3 Glided Tri from Hept, spent over 35k gold on the gems alone, I'm really curious how much am I getting screwed over by NC again... My apology, just n
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