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  1. Server Consolidation — May 1

    This worries me does this mean that it's the end of blade and soul in NA?
  2. New exclusive class

    As I am sure it's been mentioned a thousand times before but here's a thousand and one. Each race has their very own class summoners for Lyn, assassins for Jin, destroyer for Gon but nothing for Yun. I suggest a healer ( like sums but better) / Dps class perhaps like a Flute master, mid range, able to switch stances from healing to dps without a set time. when in healing stance the weapons is a Flute when in Dps it switches into a whip and this would be a class exclusive to the Yun. in pvp healing would be reduced. We have a warrior class coming which i'm sure more then one race can use and I think A flute class would be really nice for Yuns even match to their elegance.
  3. New exclusive class

    true but charms have I think like an hour or 30 min wait on them then you rely on others to have party rez or charms( good for when their is no healer) but since their would be healer they can rez and heal faster then the charms or potions , sustained heals while attacking enemies it heals a percentage of nearest party members in range of said enemy instead of 10 min cooldown they could have 6 min cooldown they would be a bonus but won't make soul fighters, summoner or other healing aspects of the game pointless I think it can be managed by the blade and soul team. we have a kinda tank and dps theme going on now and perhaps over time we may just have tank,dps, and healer