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  1. U definitely need the asura ones except for 3,5 and 7. Overall 450 ap is enough to do it 6-man but unfortunately its not possible in this game to go for it via lobby because ppl dont like carry others except in premade grps so u will be forced to go for 500+ if not even more. U wont need Twisted except for fusing ur soul shields and getting the shards. 3,5,7 would be tomb as bis after todays patch. But u can go for be ido from nexus till then.
  2. As an FM once u skill he aggro reduce on rmb u will have hard times holding it. U do what everyone does. Upgrade ur gear to do the higher up dungeons in grps till u are good enough to do 4man dungeons to farm for the hm skills needed and other stuff. While u progress u learn how to play ur class so u wont fail as hell in 4 man grps and get urself geared with higher up soul shields till u got the bis ones.
  3. Yeah but u now try to disagree and proof what i just said... atm I need 2 skill points for the party protect as it is on t3. After patch I have to go down to T4 so thats one T4 deeper and thus 1 Skillpoint more that will be consumed along the road. And for the CC part yeah its easier to cc right now and u are not forced to combo cc anymore. It could be a pain the arse sometimes but still combos is what made the sin special. I dont see why everything needs to be simple u know. In the long run it safes respecing and and a bit of time but its not as special as it used to be. But overall i lo
  4. Only thing that bothers me is that u need to be cautious in pve not to use ur lmb anymore to reduce cooldown of shadow drain and get 30secs cd on double stun... Everything else require a lil bit of respecing. Only the removal of the party save decoy tree and putting it back to stage 1 tier 4 is a bit unusual and forces u to put one more point into decoy... Hope it adds up with savings elsewhere... dont have any spare points oO Still need HM 13 to fully spec decoy... all the other changes are just sth u need to get used to... Its not that bad that we get native double cc's even tho it make
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