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  1. No I am not a big whale, I spent about a thousand, not thousands. But before going into the negatives, allow me to say thank you for doing a fairly descent job at getting rid of hackers from SSP. That said, I feel like that is all you have done. Issues: 1) Lag - This is what did it for me. The arena lag (as well as other places but this is what did it for me) is just unbearable. And don't you even dare blame my ISP. I have a top-notch connection with an average of 30ms ping in EVERY MOTHER!@#$ OTHER GAME except blade and soul. The only time I even get near a 100ms is if I
  2. Seeing as I can now speak to someone who may understand the calculus of "RNG", allow me to elaborate upon my earlier statements. Granted, RNG does not guarantee anything. In fact, there is nothing random about RNG other than the name; even if randomized by a time seed, the sequence would stay the same if the parameters would not change. That said, you are absolutely correct that you could take a sample of everyone who has achieved Stage 6 in a single shot and not successfully be able to apply it to a specific player. Specifically, if the chance to get to stage 6 on first try is let's say 3
  3. I am absolutely baffled at just how deranged people are when it comes to statistics. 1) yes you do need a lesson, clearly. 2) To all the other posters who have informed me that stats don't apply here, yes they do; RNG is nothing more than statistics. Finally 3) seeing that I am loosing IQ reading over some of these responses, I will leave you knuckleheads with this statistical problem. Answer it correctly and provide a reason as to why. Until then, I shall abstain from further socializing in this degenerate discussion, hopelessly attempting to educate mislead players, all for naught.
  4. This is simple statistics. Your chances of failing 5 -> 6 is about 80%, so 20% success. So get five 5's and you'll make one 6. This has nothing to do with "I beat the internet".
  5. you are doing it wrong. Make several 4's to make one 5. Make several 5's to make one 6, etc.
  6. They nerf the success after first day or so. I bough 2x outfits so 100 coralites, 50 at a time. First time, I have never failed stage one, almost always got to stage 3. Got my costume pretty easily. Second time I bought the costume for 50 more coralites, I would fail even 3x in a row going from 1-2. Highest I got was stage 5 and that was when I would create stage 4 x3 and then tried to go to 5. One of them succeeded. I also then realized I was on a level 30 alt who could not get the black feathers so all that was for naught.
  7. I am already rank 9, buying everything left and right. I have yet to buy a SINGLE weapon skin just because I don't want to overwrite my founder's pack one. Once a system that supports multiple skins is supported (perhaps like costumes?) I'd buy tons of them.
  8. Hello NCSoft, any word at all about implementing reusable weapon skins? Kind of like costumes but implement it for the weapons? I have a founder's pack weapon skin and I just can't seem to want to overwrite it with another cool looking skin like the ones from Windrest, because the founder's skins are no longer obtainable. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  9. We should get a title: "Whale" But if I had to choose between a skimpy sexy outfit or a title I'd go with the outfit. Additionally, people who spend this very likely have spent this amount on several toons so perhaps something to promote their spending addicti... er, I mean, ambition, such as free server transfers so that they could shift their alts around. Why? Maybe they want to move all their alts to one server so that they could play them more and thus devote more time and NCCoin to them. Perhaps a unique Premium symbol next to their name. Perhaps even let us
  10. Recently I started playing an alt and came to realize just how valuable the secret rooms that Brother Hajoon organizes are. These rooms house some very unique NPCs. What makes them unique is three reasons. 1) Their attacks do zero damage 2) They perform certain moves (i.e. Knockdown) repeatedly and are subject to your full move arsenal 3) Your cool downs reset instantly allowing you to keep trying a combos without any down time. Unfortunately these special NPCs are not available later on in the game. Closest we get to them are training dummies that cannot be c
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