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  1. 7 minutes ago, Wiri said:

    I'm also come back after 1 year (quit right after the merged).

    Here is some experiences that may help you to get back to the road.


    1. Finish main quest to unlock map.

    2. Join an active clan.

    3. There is an "item path" feature in inventory (bottom left) for weapon and accessories references.

    4. Look at your class top player to see their item, then again open the "item path" feature to see how can you get it.

    5. Accessories now may have element damage, choose wisely based on your skills build element.

    6. Aura pet does help a lot for survival, please take a research on pet and aura system, for short, aura is for stat (HP, def), pet is skin


    7. Currently there is big 4 dungeon (6 man), only them can do in hard mode in F8.

    - EC - Ebondrake Citadel (forget where is it, jadestone maybe) (Drop legendary ring)

    - DT - Desolate Tomb (Zaiwei) (Drop legendary necklace)

    - NF - Naryu Foundry (Khanda Vihar) (Drop legendary belt) 

    - NS - Naryu Sanctum (Gunwon - Celestial Basin) (Drop legendary Bracelet)


    8. Currently there is 3 (24 man) kind of raid which is

    - MSP - Midnight Skypetal Plaints (Zaiwei) (legendary soul shield) (and legendary Draken earring)

    - DKV - Dawn of Khanda Vihar (Khanda Vihar) (um.. some limited mats like flower to exchange in MSP and feather to exchange in BT)

    - BT - Black Tower or Skybreak Spire (Hardest one at the moment and main goal to reach) (Drop stronger legendary earring, ring, mats to upgrade raven weapon, and stronger legendary soul shield)


    9. Only do MSP on the weekend, cause rewards is double and easier to find a party.

    10. DKV and BT is one per week, reset on wednesday.




    - Do DT, NF, NS daily to get a chance to get necklace, belt, bracelet

    - MSP for temporary soul shield (ss), you can either full set of MSP ss or 5 MSP + 3 NS ss

    - DKV for some limited mats. (one per week)

    - BT for earring, ring, soul shield and mats to upgrade strongest weapon (current) (one per week)


    Finally this website is a really detail and very helpful to teach you boss mechanic also show which rewards you may get.

    Please seriously take a look.


    10/10 thank you!

  2. 20 minutes ago, tuannifur said:

    Hi! Welcome back!


    1. Your weapon path is not upgradeable anymore, Salvage your weapon and it will give you a new weapon and you can continue upgrading that weapon! (new path is less gold, and less stages so i encourage you to salvage weapon)


    2. Just continue your story line, you haven't really missed any major changes to equipment (except weapon path upgrade)

    How do I salvage the weapon ? Sorry for the probably dumb question.

  3. First of all sorry for my probably  bad english :P


    Hi there just like I said im back after around 1year without playing and I need some help ( maybe more than just some ).


    Im a Warlock with a True OathBreaker Razor 10 weapon


    So my question is what should I do ? What weapon should I go for , how to  get it etc ? 


    Atm im just doing main quest chain seems some new came out