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  1. Im looking for someone who can make me " Claymore Teresa " ( google for images ) preset for Jin/Gon ( prefer Jin ) female. Discord Night#9182
  2. The expression from the first one is the best I seen so far but the original and that one dont look similar at all
  3. First of all sorry for my probably bad english :P Hi there just like I said im back after around 1year without playing and I need some help ( maybe more than just some ). Im a Warlock with a True OathBreaker Razor 10 weapon So my question is what should I do ? What weapon should I go for , how to get it etc ? Atm im just doing main quest chain seems some new came out Thanks.
  4. Found it after asking xD sorry and thanks again I will check some guides about new talents and stuff and for now I will focus on farming my weapon
  5. Gracias voy a mirar alguna guia.
  6. How do I salvage the weapon ? Sorry for the probably dumb question.