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  1. yes please do something about making the weeklys count. my CM group was looking forward to doing new challenge but with the current weekly challenge bugged there is no way to get any fragements needed to do the new challenge mode.
  2. yeah but the mystic badge u can at least dismantle a stage 8 badge and get back 1/3 of the materials and put it towards upgrading the new mystic badge. If this was the case with the soul badge as well I wouldn't have any complaints about it, but we don't even get that with the soul badge.
  3. according to the stream you would have to get the badges and fuse them together, with no option to exchange from previous badge from merchant and no refund of materials from dismantling like they did with awakened mystic badge. in the words used on stream, if u have an awakend stage 8 soulbadge it will just "collect dust", which honestly is a huge slap in the face since alot of classes use the new fused pink badge and I just feel like i've been scammed
  4. thanks for letting us know these were indeed addressed
  5. so after reading thru these patch notes, and then checking in the march 13th list of known issues listed by Cyan, the only issues that seem to be addressed were the ones from FM's solar flare, and bd's (awakened) rolling typhoon. I couldn't find any mention of any of the other ones on that list nor of the unlisted issues with warden and gunner's awakened skills. Were these issues not addressed this patch?
  6. Frost storm becomes available once you've gotten 5 chi level. You get a chi level by landing iron shoulder, 5 chi level for ice coil, and 5 chi level with focus chi etc
  7. as far as I could tell dragon certs drop from Naksun daily, Hallow Heart daily and Soulstone Mines daily... which means just 3 per day.... if anyone knows of any other places I may have missed please share
  8. hate to break it to you, but your elemental damage accessories won't help you in this dungeon.... as a matter of fact none of your gear will. Maybe you didn't notice but none of your gears have any effect in this dungeon, that means no bracelet proc, no soul shield set bonus, no soul badge/mystic badges, etc... You could literally take off all your gear and so long as you had a weapon to attack with (even with 1 AP and broken) your stats would be unaffected. That's why if you bring a WL their SB cooldown will be 1min30sec always even if they have the gear for a 1min SB.
  9. cause they lowered the rate in F9 so it's 1:2 now not 1:3 which means a radiant energy for 30 ncoins is worth 15g but they only giving u 10g... it's a scam
  10. was running IF today in F8 and everyone in the party froze at the exact same time for the exact same duration.... chat was working but none of us could move or use any skills... I highly doubt this is an issue with our ISPs when it's happening to everyone at the same time for the same amount of time.... definitely on NCWest's end
  11. u have to switch ur pet aura to the new pet system path in order to upgrade it, this path uses pet pods. click on ur pet aura and manage equipment should see the option to switch to the new path for some soulstone cystals and couple other mats
  12. this patch brought us the 12 man raids, which in KR came after level 55 update, so as a result ALL level 50 dungeons are now scaled up to level 55...so alot of the bosses are like level 56-58 but we are still level 50 which means we do less damage and need a ton more accuracy to hit these bosses consistently.... basically everything got increased to level 55 except the players. u need something in the ballpark of 140% accuracy to not miss in VT atm
  13. i think this is just worded poorly.... i think it might be similiar to summoner enhanced seed shroud change where they cannot use it immediately and there is a tiny split sec delay so u don't anicancel by accident... cause I've had a few times where I accident anicancel these skills too quickly and one of them doesn't come out... if it's like that it's not that bad just worded badly... cause having them share an actual cd makes no sense since they are on separate keys with separate cds
  14. oh I'm not mad about the outfit... I have it already... I just found it funny that of all the outfits... it was Business Class.... one of the very few outfits that is sellable on the marketplace and is bound to account on equip...so even if u sold gold at the minimum price F9 would let u at 1:3 it would still only costs u about 220g after the sales tax....where as on the marketplace this outfit sells for about 600g
  15. maybe add in an option to just flat out auto reject friend's requests kinda like how there is one to auto reject party/clan invites
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