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  1. Also get the two step verification thing! It increase your security a lot!
  2. That sounds awesome tbh, clan halls <3 it would be so fun if we had that! and that raid clan halls seems even more cool, man I wish we had that in bns
  3. I didn't know they had it.. I just googled and to me it looked a bit... idk odd? I can see the appeal tho.. and yeah I about houses I think you should have to pay like a rent thing but not have it super extreme, maybe just 50g per month or something.. Would be pretty easy to pay if it's a clan house you basically get that if you have ranked up in clan battleground so shouldn't be too hard.. Just for the added realism I suppose.
  4. How about we start a small discussion? When you level up in blade and soul you get these surveys, and in one of those there is a question that I cared most about and that is what we would like to see in blade and soul, a few options are wings, mounts and housing.. In my opinion wings and mounts seem a bit unnecessary in b&s.. It seems somewhat unrealistic to me personally. But housing I feel like is more plausible. There is a lot of buildings in gunwon city and zaiwei that are unused and empty, some just has doors with no way to get in and if housing was to be in the game it could use thos
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