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  1. sad but true but we haven't had a good event since the thanksgiving event.
  2. doesn't matter if it wasn't stated in the game he literally just showed you where it was stated on the website before the patch was released. so yeah the outfits are only temporary
  3. are we really getting this lazy that we are counting in detail the amount of clicks and time it takes to do something so simple as transmuting your exp charms lol and other transmute items? like come on lol, clicking something in transmute really does not take that much time out of your day that you need it shortened.
  4. lol they failed with their twitch stream for the third time today and didn't give a shit still. so their definitely not gonna give a shit about releasing new outfits tomorrow. theirs like a 1% chance that they'll actually give us new outfits tomorrow lol.
  5. okay people just don't understand that's the point of mmo's is to grind lol. you don't get your shit that easily in mmo's. this isn't some console game where you do a couple of things and bam your max lvl and gear. I understand its grindy but like come on its an mmo that's the way its supposed to be. so unfortunately if that's too much for you, you mite want to look for another game. I mean they've dumbed the upgrading down by a lot and yet people still scream its grindy and pay to win. if they dumb shit down anymore where all gonna have max gear and then be bored.
  6. then that really is the community fault then and we can only be mad at overselves for setting these dumb standards in dungeons and what not. NC didn't tell us hey this new dungeon is only for whales ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ the weaker players, no we the community have done that to ourselves and created this cycle where only the whales are able to do new content and what not. I understand this is how the community is but for people like the OP to be mad at NC for this update for that reason isn't really right, the community is the one not helping other players and pretty much setting an elite status for the hig
  7. no I'm not part of the problem cause BG's in any sort of MMO is gonna be unbalanced since its gear dependent their for I just don't do it. But like I already said I still have fun with the game even though I don't do BG's and I'm not complaining over it. theirs no getting pass it being cancer as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ when its gear dependent
  8. well 90% of the playerbase hates and doesn't do 6v6 so at this point most people shouldn't care if their not even doing it.
  9. I really have no idea what to say to that, all I can say is its not the games fault at all. cause me and many other people I know have not fealt like the game was a job and forcing them to play. to me it just sounds like you weren't ever use to MMO's before and it really just isn't for you at all.
  10. why does that matter to people so damn much though lol? so what if your not geared as someone else lol. does not being as geared as whale really bug people that much that their unable to continue playing the game. like lol just have fun and forget about the damn whales. I've been playing this since launch and not once have I thought about quitting cause I'm not on the same lvl as whales. like I have fun still and could care less how far behind I am compared to the whales. not sure why people let that bug them so much
  11. bro I really don't understand your post lol. like its an update for MORE CONTENT and more things to do so like why are you mad, would you rather them not have an update and have less things for you to do. not only that but this update shouldn't really matter to you since the dungeon is just for pvp gear and new stage of riftwalk/dawnforge. so yeah not really sure why your mad at this update when its just bringing more stuff to do. not sure how people get mad at more content to do lol and then get mad when theirs no content to do.
  12. so they can't just give you another outfit? like come on that excuse is dumb as hell lol. what do they mean its lost and they can't locate it. that bs excuse about items only being stored for a certain amount of time is even worse. cause I have those outfits from the masters pack too and mine have not just suddenly disappeared. their giving bs excuses for what happened to them and they know it, their just to lazy to give you your stuff back
  13. yes I get its tedious. but like I said why does it matter that damn much lol. their are way more things that people should be complaining about and asking NC to fix instead of worrying about something that we get for free and that we can just easily collect lol. yes its annoying but its not like its impossible or some shit like really its not that huge of a dea, we really should be complaining and worried about something else and not something like this and tbh it doesn't even take that long to collect all the charms, you guys act like your sitting their for hrs on end collecting some charms l
  14. lol seeing posts like these is just funny from both sides now. yes it didn't make since for them to put it on F10 just to take it off again but at the same time is it really so hard for you guys to just collect the damn things and move on instead of complaining over something so trivial like this lol. seeing NC do things like this and then people rage over dumb stuff like this and make posts is hilarious, like they could just not give us a login reward at all lol but they at least give us this but no some people have to complain about the way they collect the login reward lmao, like just colle
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