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  1. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    WTF NC?! I f*cking bought 400+ of these f*cking gems at a price higher than that!!!! Now you’re saying i’m losing gold that i freaking grind every single effing day?! This is such bullcrap!!!!
  2. New Player - Choosing a class

    Bad at PvP? lol it's hella good, just HM+z people and they die so fast + HM Block? KFM is good, but I wouldnt even say BM is behind KFM...Both very well tanks as well. KFM just has a higher learning curve with counter and whatnot. But both are good.
  3. Blackstone Fragments

    Thank you for the whale trap...300x185 = 55,500 nccoin... that's just a lol
  4. Massive LAG!

    BnS your servers are lagging for the past few days!! FFS it's unplayable and stop blaming our connections, it's your servers!