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  1. Quality of life changes that NEED to happen

    #22: make the crafting box's or the "rare element" to where you can sell them on the AH/f5. some plp do not have time every day to run dungons non stop to get them. you all but killed crafting for Casual players. and for the plp that do have time, it give's them a way to make gold.
  2. Why give crafting to people at level 16, if you require level 45+ mats to get any points to actually level the crafting up??? do you all think??
  3. So to craft anything I have to get a box, that I can only get from completing the dungeon, because you decided to make them to where you cannot acquire them off of the auction house. These boxes have a chance to give me the item that I need. To craft with, for one crafting profession. It takes 15 to 25 minutes, to get one box. I have opened four boxes, and not gotten one item that I need. Most of the crafting items need 3 to 4 of them, To create anything. For people that do not have seven hours a day to pits around with on your game. That play for two hours a night maybe. This is the tipping point for me. I had crafting alts, so I could make items and sell them on the market to make a profit each day. On the days that I didn't have time to come on and spend hours running dungeons. This allowed me to accumulate enough gold to somewhat keep up. Now I have to run multiple dungeons left and right, just to be able to get crafting on 1 toon, let alone multiple. There's no way for me to keep up, or make any gold. With this system. This is a game now solely for people that have four hours plus a night to play, thanks to your changes. How About this. How about you put the crafting boxes in the auction house for sale so people like me that do not have a lot of time each day to run dungeons can actually craft stuff, and Get some where gear wise. And the people that do, can make a profit over the excess boxes that they have accumulated.
  4. This is been going on for a while now, but what the hell. 100% disk usage, 90% RAM usage, 90% CPU usage. What is this program doing. There is not a single program that I have ran across, that uses this much resources, other than 3-D sculpting programs at high polygon settings. This is ridiculous. Makes me think this program is doing a hell of a lot more than just allowing me to playing a video game, like taking inventory of my files. cpu i5 2500k 3.3mh. 8g ram. Western Digital Black WD5002AALX 500GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive Drive. Seriously, I have to have a 2017 high component gaming computer, to run a game that was made in 2010??? What the hell kind of components and stats does my computer have to have and Internet speed, to actually play this game??
  5. PVP 6vs6

    Yes 6v6 is meant to be gear Base PVP, I enter this Knowing this. the problem is that seeing as how I have no gear whatsoever. I'm going up against people that can one hit me, while I literally cannot hit them all. On top of this, seeing as how I have to damage a target or do something in the battleground to get points. If the second that I go to hit somebody they Dodge, Immune etc. immediately launch me in the air, and one hit me. I do absolutely zero. The whole match except for getting killed constantly. I cannot do objectives because I get instantly killed. the match ends I get zero battle points. And can't progress my gear while the whale gets to shed on everyone left and right. Yeah, fun gameplay design. Really helps the new guy get gear right. Oh that's right I'll never get gear because I can never contribute. What's worse than an AFK, a guy that Tries, is useless, and gets a repair bill. Oh and another thing. The only time anyone Q's for this, is when there's whales playing. When the whales are not logged on, and it's not frenzied time. You literally will sit in the queue for over 30 minutes. Due to no one playing this ridiculously stupid design, that is solely designed by NCsoft to Cater to high gear players so they can shut on low geared ones. And even if I was to magically be able to get 75 points or above, for every loss. Seeing as how people only play this for a couple hours each day. How long would I have to play to be able get gear good enough to compete. I will forever be behind, Waste of a new person's time.
  6. So did you turn the heartbeat on for your stupid ass anti-cheat program XIGNCODE3 ???? the sheer amount of lag that I'm getting in mushin's tower is beyond ridiculous. I'm in there by myself with no one else other than the boss... Time to fix your .... servers and get better Internet company provider, or I take my time and my money to another game company, that actually has their .... Together. Because you clearly just want to milk this for all it's worth, and not actually make a decent game. 200 Ms in MT with everything turned on low living one state away from your servers is bull .... did have 100ms and it doubled..what lol joke As a kung fu master. I can't beat boss with 800 attack power with this lag. You can't counter cc in time to do anything. they land one hit and start their combos that take you from 70%. Health to dead, and there's nothing you can do about it.
  7. New as in having time to try and actually gear up. so i now needing to know what soul badges to get, I do have multiple classes, so i Would like to makes this a post for every class. so there's one post, to read the for new people. If everyone can contribute. but what I personally need to know is, What soul badges do I need for wind kung fu masters. especially with the up-and-coming raid, where you fusing badges together to make legendary badges. Brief explanation of why I would need certain badge over another would be very helpful My other classes I play, sin, lock, sf. You have input on those classes.
  8. Okay I need help, I have a soul fighter and a kung fu master. I'm trying to decide which one I want to play as DPS. I do not want to tank. Both of them have finished the story and have that level of gear. So 700 attack power and about 43 crit chance. Soul fighter does a lot more damage And way better burst, but I like having kicks in my attack animations instead of just punching constantly. In celestial basin when the boss spawns. I have an extremely difficult time getting credit for special boxes with my kung fu master. I can only get special boxes late at night when hardly anyone is on, do to server lag. Prime time, it's possible. My soul fighter. However, I can get it every single time, regardless due to the damage it can output. Have no Hongmoon skills on either one of them. So the question is, do special equipment and higher soul shields with Hongmoon skills, can a kung fu master somewhat reasonably do close to a soul fighter's DPS. Or how close is it to everyone else as DPS. Or is kung fu master class just solely just a aggro holder class /cc class for PVP and that's it. Cannot do DPS close to anyone else. Love the play style of The kung fu master and hate how boring soul fighter is, but I wanted to do damage and kill things in a reasonable time.
  9. Who wanna Gon Gunner?

    I personally think every race, should be able to be gunner. But not having gon as gunner, Seems wrong. Isn't the pirate woman with the scars on her chest, A gon. I could've swore she was a gon.
  10. I vaguely read that in the upcoming patches they're looking at skills and how they function for classes when working on gunner and it's release. I would like to ask if they reinstate the ability to toggle kung fu masters F shoulder knockback on and off, to where we can make it to where there's no knock back on it. It's extremely frustrating to try and quest/ kill mobs, inside the celestial basin, especially if you just leveled the class from the story and go there to continue to progress gear wise . because mob are so packed in that whenever I use F shoulder in my normal skill rotation. It knocks the mob back into other mobs. This makes it extremely annoying to quest their, constantly having to worry about knocking the mob you're trying to kill back into others. Which means you don't use that part of your key kit At all. And if you accidentally do, you get one or two extra mobs on you. you die, This is coming from the perspective of someone that has 700 attack power. So I never use that skill, It makes the rotation extremely clunky. And playing the class not as much fun as it used to be I always viewed that the knockback was meant for PVP, and being able to toggle that off. Was for PvE content. Having to deal with the knockback makes it extremely frustrating. Especially for people that are trying to get the hang of wind spec. Please add this back Great you move my post to the class forms now it will never be read. Or get the attention of the community like it needs, Sigh.
  11. I think the only thing that turns me off about this class, is the fact that it's constant normal bullet sound is so loud that it drowns everything out. I think if it's left this way, your normal bullet sound will drowned out your music and you will be not be able to hear anything going on in the background like ambient sounds. Other than the noise of constant shooting. Having weapon skills make sounds, but auto attacks a lot quieter or completely removed would make this more appealing to me. This is due to it's just constant, constant noise. It's going to get very annoying over time. It will either make people just turn off sound effects completely. Or deal with not being able to hear ambient noises. That's something that needs to be addressed in my opinion. A little nitpick of mine, but something that will change the enjoyment of the class overall for me.
  12. Is there a list of the different achievements that is the easiest to do for a fresh new character, to reach the required number to buy Hongmoon skills items from the achievement vendor. This would greatly help me
  13. DC load times

    So once again after a year of this game been running in America, I DC at a dungeon loading screen. Log back into the game, And due to your magical freaking anti-cheat system, It scans every file. It takes 15 minutes to load, Because my game crashed at a load screen. So apparently you want to check to see if I cheated. I'm not but I'm thinking of it, If it's going to get me past this 15 minute game load crap. Every time I DC. Every time I DC at a loading screen from f8 to Dungeon, You're game is going to take 15 minutes to load back. I hope you are joking. Why don't you spend some revenue and actually fix things that are broke in this game. and do like every other triple a freaking game company does and put anti-cheat stuff server-side Instead of putting in something new to gamble on every other week. this is ridiculous, what am I playing a game from 1990
  14. I'm a little confused here. the Hongmoon training room, is a practice room right, "training". I have never ran Sogun's Lament, therefore, I wanted to practice boss mechanics. I loaded up the Hongmoon training room. Loaded asura the boss. Put a target dummy to tank. But the boss spams the same move, over and over and over again. It doesn't do any move other than the first one, which is the flower poison one. Now the poison flower move roots you to the ground, you can back step out of that and get one more poison flower, before your rooted to the ground again. Therefore, you can't get all four flowers, to stop this move from going off. Therefore I cannot practice, boss mechanics, of this boss. Because he only does one move out of the five or so he uses. So how do I use the practice room, to practice? i have 711ap and no Hongmoon skills, so obviously I can't solo him DPS wise. I take it from these design aspects, this was never intended to be a practice room, a training room. This is what, what is this for? Another aspect of the training room, three quarters of the move combos, that it teaches. I have already learned through leveling up. The ones I didn't know about, I spent so much time focusing on getting the start time correct. That it was highly frustrating, by the time I managed to get the combo complete. I was so annoyed, that I was glad it was over and done with. It didn't help me work on the timing of the whole combo, instead I spent more time focusing on getting it started correctly and once I had that, praying I could finish it. Now Normally I run at 100ms "in game ping", but it jumps to 100-190ms randomly when starting combat in and out of the training room, and then it teeters back to normal After a second. Which makes it extremely difficult to get the timing correct for these combos. If I sit there and just smack on the dummy constantly my ping evens out and I can practice combos correctly. Why is there such a focus on the correct start time, versus just getting the correct timing of every move right. just make the timer start when you press the first attack or skill. Like how combat really is. And loop the timer on the combo, so we can get used to animation canceling. Remove all time limitation on cool downs. So we can practice correctly I mean the whole point is to get used to animation canceling right. And proper combos. For the amount of effort that you went through to put this in the game, in such a poor state. I got very little benefit from it. it's a start But It needs a lot of work. Needed to either put a lot more effort into it, and do it right. Or not do it at all. 50% work is meh
  15. I was trying to figure out why people weren't working together, and channel hopping. to get double the chance every boss cycle, to get peaches from the locked boxes. And why they were bursting the boss down as fast as they could. Free gold, that would explain it. So let me get this right, this event. People that do the most damage to the boss, can get a box that has a chance to give 100 free gold. This is all the players that have 1000 ap plus. And everyone else will not get this box. Let's do some math because someone didn't think this through very far. This is unrealistic, no one in their right mind would spend this much time, but let's still do it. If you farm for 8 hours every day, for 42 days,=336 hours x by 60 to change it to minutes,=20,160 total minutes. Bosses seem to show up. Every 40 minutes. 20,160 mins / 40= 504 kills, or times You can get this box. If you somehow lucked out, and got 100% chance for every box you opened to get the hundred gold. That would be 50,400 gold just given to you. It's Not likely the case you would get 100% chance from the box for free gold, but even at 10% chance, that's 5000 free gold. And most of all, the people that don't need it. There max geared. Now these numbers are probably not realistic in any way shape or form, but it shows the potential Revenue someone could get from this. Why you would design an event, that this type of revenue is even possible, is beyond my imagination. You're breaking your own game. Can more than one person get this box off the same boss? Before this event, you could only get a box once a day "that I'm aware of", that has a chance of giving you 100 free gold. With this event you get one every 40 minutes. Are you purposely trying to break the economy? With such an easy way to get gold For these people. An event that can give whales 1000+ free gold, interesting design. Not one that I would do if I was designing an event, but okay. I'm not at end game yet, so I don't know what the cost of gear is to upgrade. And I'm just voicing my observation of this, so maybe this is not a problem at all. But From my point of view, this is a interesting design.