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  1. Market price inflation - EU

    it saddens me to see the game in current state as it is now. In general its a great game but it looks like nc made a casino/p2skip out of it. Wasnt there any alternatives to make money? I mean i buy monthly membership every month, i buy nice looking outfits for coins as well but i never spend my money on materials/trove as a matter of principle. Oh boi oh boi...
  2. Rude, unacceptable Support behaviour

    what input do you expect exactly from forum community ?
  3. Old DPS Meter?

    suggestion noted.
  4. Old DPS Meter?

    if it is then why 50%* of bns population using it?Do you really think NC would ban them all? NO..
  5. Old DPS Meter?

    i dont see how dps meter is a bannable offence unless you trash talk someone else in your party and get reported.
  6. How does the pairing system work?

    its completely random as far as i know, unless they formed a team.
  7. this page is true or it is false

    worked for me
  8. took me 174 runs. Keep going eventually ull get it
  9. Make the VT mats tradable

    I am not I am not trying to cheese to end game gear. I would like to buy the mats requiret for my honestly farmed gold. What about those ppl who get VT mats but they dont need them any more? They could've sell them. Its a win-win imo
  10. Make the VT mats tradable

    Completely agree with thieve. Raven mats tradeable and aransu is not.Why?
  11. got it on 73th run a week or so ago.
  12. F10 and trove?!

    You wrote that you have spent 500$ on trove and its saved 5 days of in game work for you. I am sorry but why you do you call in-game work tho? Isnt that suppose to feel like not (work) but rather enjoyment? I dont know but for me to get all those mats for upgrades and doing dailies is actually fun experience and when i breakthrough a peace of gear to next stage i feel the sense of self achievement. I dont understand people who work IRL, earn money then spend them щт bns to do less work in game. Mind you i personally have nothing against the Whales as we call them but in the end of the day dont they feel loss (wasted money) rather than achievement when they finally get to the top tier gear ?
  13. F10 and trove?!

    Am i the only one who "Dislikes" the f10 store in general and trove event? It looks like you can buy everything you need in store/trove to progress you character. Basically all the materials is available for purchase for real money for upgrades.. Are "some" guys that lazy? If i were to buy all the mats to go to top gear for real money then what there is left for me to do and why would i do that ? I dont understand, just to show your gear or smth?
  14. AP Requirement is not the problem.

    the other day in nf we were 4 man party got to the last boss and decided to rec just to be safe. Destro joins hm13 we thought (oh great just the right dps boost we needed for that last boss) So he ran all the way to us, looked at us and wrote (GL) and left... we were like wtf are you kidding me? we waited like 10 mins just to see That? At the end of the day we did the final boos with just 4 of us took a bit but oh well.