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  1. Gems

    Hi... so my question is which gems are appropriate in a kfm and why. I'll upgrade my weapon to baleful soon and I wasn't sure about that xD PS: my current weapon is equipped with 1 hoongmoon square ruby (7 AP, 3 critical hits, 200 aditional damage) and 1 sparkling pentagonal diamond (25 aditional damage)
  2. 50 to 51

    Oh thank you! ^^
  3. 50 to 51

    My kfm is lvl 50 - 7 HM, so basically in order to reach lvl 51 I must continue with yellow quests? Because I'm not up to date with history quests hehe... PS: how many HM lvls there are? Sorry 4 my english, I'm from Argentina :)