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  1. I wanted to make some oils and saw evolved stones are for evolutionary items what does that mean, oils are not even transmutable anymore.
  2. Low fps on high end PC

    Before you start the game change windows resolution to 800 by 600 or lower then start game. My computer was using resources the game could use.
  3. Gunner Hooks

    gunner hooks are a buff?
  4. reputation charms

    It did not add anything to my daily limit or my total amount so the cd means nothing
  5. reputation charms

    What are reputation charms for and how are they used?
  6. Weekly rewards

    That says nothing about weekly's please stop the mis information
  7. Weekly rewards

    I can not find anything about weekly rewards so I am guessing your not aware of this but when i did weeklys the counter for weekly rewards still said 0/3 so mo problem i went to f10 to get it and its not there, it should be there until the problem is fixed. please in the future keeps us informed since miss communication seems to be a problem.
  8. Free Bundles Available in the Hongmoon Store

    Why did weekly compensation stop it still not fixed
  9. Second set of weekly challenge?

    Do we need to make a ticket to get rewards?
  10. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    I remember reading that this patch was delayed so stuff like this didn't happen, how can there be a miscommunication over 3+ months?
  11. Golden harvest crates

    doing tower takes me too long, island and cos not happening
  12. Golden harvest crates

    Please make Golden Harvest Crates worth more than 1 copper to npc's, so this event is not a complete failure

    So lucent bracelet gonna get me thru til ST and COS?

    it took time the old way to get a tiger or dragon bracelet but now it take too much of my time away from finding a new game to play cuz by the time i get 50 yusang beads this game will be over
  15. Two problems with upcoming event

    Can I get the definition of "a few", I'm lost "a few" seems alot less than 11.