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  1. Thanks for the change! You have to adjust the bosses's hp bar too tho because a lot of people will be farming them.
  2. Don't you think that it's a lil bit odd? I mean , uugh i don't get it ! It's like asking for people to waste more time on dungeons that they don't have to! Before WLs release everything was okay , after WL got released everything was going a lil bit faster( even tho that 3minSB Cd baah) . It's pretty simple WLs Sb buff helps you get done with dungies fast. On other regions things are different. We're talking about raids that have 2.5B HP if i remember right ( Yulia V.T ) But still people there ,who run that raid ,are all sitting on end game gear meaning their dmg is huge. SB might increas
  3. Well every class has its purpose and it should be different than the other. That being said SB is a pretty good group buff but as it has been previously said you need to crit to use it at its full potential. People get WLs because they want to get some dungeons done fast. Imo every dungeon can be done without WL but it will just take some more minutes which people don't really want to waste on something that can be done faster. I mean it seems pretty legit , would you rather cook something on an old oven or cook it on a more advanced one? 2/3 of the players are looking for fast runs thats why
  4. Don't wanna be a meanie but i don't think that summoners are weak in pvp , especially when you can reach gold at lvl 32 without even having a clue how the skills work ( My case ^^^ ) Apart from that i think that the kit of scummies is pretty good for pvp and doesn't need any adjustment .
  5. HM LMB is pretty important for Dark Warlocks as it allows them to regain focus pretty fast! I'd say that the HM LMB is pretty much an utility skill rather than dmg one! If you ever switch to Dark Build you'll need it !
  6. Elneth

    Seraph stage 1

    What's absolutely not normal is that the majority of people screws up something due to lack of knowledge and comes in the forum whining , like it's not their fault! You should be asking and reading forums before getting into the action. On topic , s1 seraph sucks on warlock , you should aim for stage 4 and preferably at stage 6++ since the leech cdr is op.
  7. What sad face said about the weaps and access! Regarding the leveling thingie it is good that you do the blue quests along with the story ones! That way you won't be behind in exp and stuff! As a warlock you should be leveling with dragon helix it's easier than dragoncall! Have fun!
  8. Well , it would be good to change the failure rate of spts just a bit! It might be frustrating to fail but it helps the economy of the game imagine if everyone could craft their own ez pz! That wouldn't work! On every game there must be a "rare" item to get! Plus about those inc reduced cost or something , imo you shouldn't be waiting for it to come , it's pointless.. Coz one way or another ull still be behind in gear etc! To sum up , increase the acquisition rate by a bit! Anf to those who're waiting for future nerfs ure wasting your time waiting^^
  9. Well i'll agree with most people on this one Vali ^ If you get mad about your class being weak or anything then just reroll into something else , you really don't have to get angry about it since it's sth that can change ! There are plenty of classes to try to like fm wl bd ^^ If you feel like losing it with destro just stop playing him! It's a game afterall you are supposed to have fun not to get angry !
  10. No no and no. For the merges ure talking about we need good servers and hosts. In NA idk how servers are , but in the eu , if we would merge into one that would be a lag fest , unless they finally decide to get a dedicated germany server/host for the europeans ones .
  11. Well , what i don't understand is why i should change my cpu if my mobo recognizes it as an K model? ( on bios it shows it as an unlocked model :/ ) Plus i think that atm ny problem is my gpu :/ not cpu
  12. Hey hey guys!!! Lately it has come to my mind that B&S requires a lil bit harder grind to progress! Soooo! I decided to do something that i have done in Aion ages ago:Look for another player to duo some dungeons like yeti/fang etc and share the loot! As the tittle says i am a warlock with 650AP , i am looking for any class , but i prefer FM/BM/BD , near my AP ( 600+ will do as well) We are going to be doing duo runs based on our schedule and free time ( lets not get stressed shall we?) *Speaking English is a must ! **Windrest, Wild Springs, Highland Gate players wi
  13. Other than what people said , AP is important yes... But , don't make the mistake to rush your weapon into t.scorpio , coz your access will be left behind and your critical chance and critical dmg will be awfull! When i make cross server groups the first thing i check is their crit chance/dmg! ( I know that happens once in a blue moon but trust me , plebs will kick you , sb who knows the game will keep u if u have sufficient crit ) P.S Not saying that if you are 100++ ap down they will keep you just for the crit. Friendly Elneth
  14. Well if you play BnS on your laptop in decent fps... Then why dont you just buy the same laptop? I know its kinda off topic but you can always buy a desktop on the same price and be secured that it will.play bns smoothly!! And if i am right this laptop wont be able to run it decently..and lets be honest no laptop is made for gaming -.- even of.the industries are trying to make gaming laptops mainstream duhh its not going to happen on a desktop you can change/upgrade anything anytime! On a laptop you just cant! So consider a desktop .. Always friendly Elneth
  15. Well on some cases i think its the GPU itself , for example i am running an ancient hd6670 and i am on settings set to 2/opt for combat and when on ssp i am going 1/opt for combat-low endpc-still playing with 6 fps tho-! My cpu is an intel 6500 which can be overclocked , bios shows everything as unlocked plus i have tested it myself it can be oced like an 6600k , my mobo is an z170a m5. So yeah sometimes its a matter of GPU too! But in ur case u should change to intel or wait for Zen cpu! * p.s you'll still have some fps issues coz BnS is based on Unreal Engine 3 which is known for
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