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  1. NCsoft announces its MxM Failure (on West)

    im playing video games since 25 years now and i have never seen a game surviving for a long time where the defs ignoring their playerbase. hope ncsoft learns from this mistake.
  2. compensation time

    premium is a waste becouse i support a company who gives a shit on their playerbase, not becouse i lose 4 days per month ;)
  3. compensation time

    hey, but at least we get some new cash boxes where everybody who invest a few hundred bucks can max his gear. i deleted my premium abo too. this company just s....
  4. surprise...or not^^ its just eu, who cares... -_-
  5. Clan ranking bonus

    our clan had the same problem for several weeks/month. support told me the same, we know it but we cant do anything.
  6. Aransu Weapon (PVE) VS Ascendant Weapon (PVP)

    6vs6 is just a joke right now. it has nothing to do with fighting eachother, its more about who get the most 1 shot classes in his team. this mode could be so much fun, but not right now. there are just a few things which should be balanced to make it fun again, but that means some kind of work and brain and we all know that we dont get this from developers and NCsoft :/
  7. 22-25 fps

    you use the 64bit client? than its a problem many other players have too. use the 32bit client. i have the same problem, tryed so many different things but nothing helped and it looks like NCsoft wont fix it :(
  8. Chat Broken

    f8 lobby, faction and clanchat still broken for me.
  9. Chat Broken

    same problem here. F8 lobby, clan and faction chat doesnt work. ppl in my clan have this problem too.
  10. Please punish account sharing and elo boosting

    wrote with the support some time ago. first answer, account sharing and boosting is not allowed. after i told them some names + twitch streams (well known players) the answer was, it is allowed, as long as both sides agree with it. lulz. they wont do anything becouse they dont care ;)
  11. DC every 15 mins

    since patch my game crashes too way to often. not every 10 minutes, but sometimes 5 times in 15 minutes. im on Eisenherz.
  12. Clan BG bonus bugged

  13. Clan BG bonus bugged

    instead of 80%, we got 65%, anybody else with the same problem?
  14. Boost summoner in 6v6

    if you lose your cat, you lose a huge part of your skills, and yes, the cat dies way to fast for all the skills you lose. at higher ranks your cat is more dead than alive becouse it get 1 shoted "accidently" by so many classes. its not about 1 mil hp cat who never dies, but a bit more balance would be nice.