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  1. Welp i just started exchanging my tokens for the garbage in the Dragon Express,
  2. You know that's the most disgraceful part, not even an explanation, not even a "sorry we f up", nothing just gives you the extent of their worries for the player base.
  3. Is going to be a lagfest for the ages, there is ppl going Hoongmoon Uniform and full effects removal to be able to DPS in IA, the game just loose a lot of entertaining value when your toon is just standing there while you DPS trough graphics that look like a static image.
  4. LOOOOL you really are comparing Mushin to a Raid? dude get lost.
  5. Yeah you are full of bullshit, I have a better system than you and can't get those numbers in raid, pretty sure you are talking about dungeons. I've read and watch every and all guides and videos about BnS optimization and nothing works. This guy here dosnty stutter because he has a top of the line system which more than 90% can't afford.
  6. nop you were never going to get the other H. It was designed that way, just 1.
  7. @Hime any news from devps or something about the posibility to enable to exchange again?
  8. I did the same thing, they even greenligthed at first with the detail I gave them, I think they just backpedaled when they saw they sheerr amount of request they were getting and that would mean a lot of work so they just said "screw that, no restoration for anybody" and take the bad rep to the already f up NC reputation. This company is more incompetent by the day I mean I came back after a 2 year hiatus and things are worse than back in the day... why even bother.
  9. It's my first season change, you don't assume everyone here has some years playing, there can be noobs too. That's why I am asking to be clear so new people can understand what's goping to happen, if I read some patch notes and have a normal lv of reading comprehension I don't want to be asking everyone in the game what's going to happen during the change.
  10. Oh you have no idea, I have the same back and forth between me Entropy and Klyde just for today it gets to Sun to say "naaahh nothing those guys said is true, suck it up and forget about it" it's just shamefull that they can't even be in the same page.
  11. @Hime I mean is not to criticise but we need you guys to be precise and on point in these patch notes. The patch notes clearly states "Tower of Infinity Ticket - Season of Resurgence has been replaced with Tower of Infinity Ticket - Season of Ascension" what do I get from that? that my ticklets will be replaced for the new ones, instead they are antiqued. If this were writen a bit more clear I would have used them before maintenance.
  12. They informed the expiration in patch notes just 14 hours before maintenance as if we keep ourselves checking forums every couple of hours. This should have been informed from the start or like 2 weeks before it.
  13. Same problem, saved everything in my main an alts to do it on last day of event, ISP decided it was the perfect day to left me withouth internet the whole day and I wake up today knowing I am screwed of all the things I saved to get, it's a disgrace.
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