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  1. Let's Get That Bread!! (Breadfast Club is recruiting!)

    Yes we just love eating carbs and we have plenty of bread to share :3
  2. The Legions | Crimson | Social | English | Discord | Recruiting

    The clan has been disbanded thread close or remove
  3. The Legions | Crimson | Social | English | Discord | Recruiting

    Just update a note~
  4. The Legions | Crimson | Social | English | Discord | Recruiting

    Yeah thats fine
  5. The Legions | Crimson | Social | English | Discord | Recruiting

    BUMP~ We are seeking still and looking for a lot more people in central, pacific and eastern timezone
  6. Its sad I mean I have VT gear but stage 4 and other Desolate dungeon that reqs the transmute weapon ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ that I'm just gonna care for the other currency and get more vials now. Sucks I cant get those wings or TT SS just gotta keep farming in MSP. (Gems I don't give two shits all because I got my gems from trove *cough* semi whale) This event was so sad I was hoping that they made DT into what they did in supply chain event that you need mechs but nope and as for solo dungeon why make stage 4 so much HP and bit tanky. Very disappointing but oh well just gotta live it.
  7. Server Consolidation — May 1

    Well all I have to say this is good and bad in some ways. I'm from Yura server and I cant wait to see more new people and this could be great for recruiting more people in clans. What worries me could be lag issues with the merge but also I've seen people hating zulia/yura people on this post asking for more block increase on the list. But I know there are some good people and not full of toxic people. So zulia members I cant wait to see ya in the full merge! If you are in crimson faction my clan is seeking more new people 😊😍
  8. The Legions | Crimson | Social | English | Discord | Recruiting

    BUMP~ We still have plenty of room so if anyone wants to join in feel free to ask
  9. The Legions | Crimson | Social | English | Discord | Recruiting

    Yes we are at 80/100 members once this big patch is done your more than welcome to join us :)
  10. The Legions | Crimson | Social | English | Discord | Recruiting

    Sure thing! Just put your IGN name and make sure you fill the information out on the discord chat :D
  11. Hello everyone I decide to make a new clan call "The Legions" ! We are a English speaking clan and seeking out friendly & helpful members to join in! Our goals are to help each other in dungeons, gearing up people and doing raids. We are not trying to be the best clan that's not what we are tending to do, just a simple chill out clan that enjoys the game but also making friends and have a good time! We mostly do our raids depending on time schedule we decide to pick so its like in between 3:00 pm / 4:00 pm or 8:00 pm / 9:00 pm Eastern Time Zone Raid Schedule: BT - Every Friday VT/SK - Every Saturday or Sunday TT - (Unknown) ET - (Unknown) What are the requirements to join us? Be friendly, helpful, mature and active. Sign up and use our discord chat When participating in clan activities, be prepared to use voice chat (if you can't use mic that's fine just listen out) You can have at least one Alt in the Clan Don't troll, harass or bait other people in-game. If you sign up for an activity, be there for us. Don't be greedy on the loot for dungeons/raid runs as a clan Keep track of discord for any changes. No level/attack power is require to join us At least know some mechs from dungeons/raids What we are seeking from people: Daily Runs (Purple Trains) Raids (BT/VT/SK at the moment) More people using Voice Chat on our Discord Server Helping other players getting gear & learning mechs from dungeons/raids More players from NA (Eastern, Central & Pacific Mostly) If you are interested in joining the clan here are some ways to apply: Private message on my main character "Kitzunia" (If I'm online) Join the Discord Chat and apply your information in the #class section and we will get you in P.S~ We accept new players or old players coming back to the game so do not feel so a shame we do not mind helping! (Important Updated Note) Since we can't get more people in our clan to do the raids we are seeking out other clans to do a join fuse for raid runs if you are interested of being part of The Legions allies then reply here on the forums or on our discord link thank you!
  12. Seeking a Clan

    Hello I just start making a new account in NA due to cant play EU much due to that fact I live in USA and not EU (Reason was my Europe friends beg me to make one in EU server lol) but also that its hard to hang out with friends and run dungeons a lot since the time difference is like...8 hrs XD So if anyone is willing to take my newbie player send a pm I just made 3 characters Warlock, Summoner & Gunslinger Lyns.
  13. Seeking a Clan

    Hello everyone I just came back into Blade & Soul after like what 2 years? (still have no idea how to play now LOL) I'm looking for a clan that is from a crimson faction that is very active, friendly, helpful, loves to do some grinding etc. I have like...three characters I play at the moment, but I main as a Force Master Lyn name Foxeon lvl 55 HM 15 but my other ones are alts which are Warlock, Summoner and Gunslinger (yes all are lyns don't hate XD) However, I live in the United States weird right? That I'm playing my account in Europe Server (due to having a lot of friends that play in Europe) So the timezone might be rough on me unless I restart all over in United States Server RIP. So I just wanna get back into my roots to feel comfortable playing Blade & Soul again and get back into doing dungeons runs and raids.