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  1. lets do some necromancing ^^ probably frost wl, frostwl is fun, but it does no dmg till you get vt gear, shadow is the better choice if you dont plan on going maxgear soon. I have raven 6 + 8 bt ss (only brings sb cd from 1:30->1), bt acc around 55% crit and pull off barely 100k. The problem is, in msp+bt the wl was just a wandering buffmachine with low tier dps, they didn't change that for frost up to now, just with vt gear dps gets really good. Gunner instead does 30k dps when hitting 55. My gunner got raven 9 and slightly better gear, 150k is more like minimum dps, so the scaling seems to be the enemy of the gunner why i think they will get a buff soon or maybe incredible soulshield bonus.
  2. Full build and gear [Help]

    with high gear consider dragon over tiger and disable double dragon, especially powerful while soulburn - needs to be testet for playstyle, as dd has no gcd anymore