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  1. Might as well Upgrade stright to Raven stage 3++++, Legendary gem hammers cost around 50 gold each atm, and you need 22 of them...
  2. Depends on what places you get 50-60 FPS, I get a solid 120 frames (Graphics maxed) in Normal areas that sometimes drops down to 90 Frames, In Dungeons I get around 40 to 60 FPS without ctrl + F, In raids I have to ctrl + F in order to maintain the 40-60 FPS, Specs are core i7 7700HQ, GTX 1060 6GB, 16 GB Ram. In case you didn't know this game is Badly optimised and Hopefully the upcoming UG4 would fix these issues. Be sure to check if you're using the 64 bit client in the Launcher settings although it should be using the 64 bit by Default.
  3. Same thing, Subscribed to the newsletter and went to Apply code section and still nothing, probably not all players will receive it..
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