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  1. Game freeze after latest BnS update

    Same thing happens to me all the time, random places, random people around me, random arena matches... the game freezes for about 5 sec and then unfreeze... I can not find any solution to that...
  2. Is this game ever going to be optimized ?

    Hello NC ?????? Is there anyone from your team that actually cares about the peoples problems in your game ? May i get any answer from you ?? Can u at least pretend that u care and actually read this forum ?
  3. Title speaks for itself, is this game going to EVER be optimized ? or we are doomed to play with 1782936187236817263782163 ping spikes ? Hello ? Nc ? Optimize ? Ever ?
  4. Guys come on, what is this ? Isnt the sf already enough ruined, but now you have removed the CD from the soul fighter`s Lotus skill in the arena? How does this ruin the sf ? Well it is a skill that has an animation for like 3 seconds, this means that if u accidentally click on it, u are for 3 seconds open to any CC. This has already ruined a lot of my matches, where i had the win, but lost cuz of that stupid animation. Make it the way it was before ( when u enter the arena u use it and after that even when you are fighting an opponent the skills is in CD ) !!!! WHO CAN I REVIVE IN THE ARENA ?!?!!?! Who came with this "AMAZING" idea ?
  5. BOOST WL PLEASE !!!!!

    The title speaks for itself, come on NC team, boost a lil bit more the WL class, its not braindead enough. Give him insta kill button so the people dont lose time when they get into the arena. P.S you can do the same with the SCUMMS opsss summoners... Increase their dmg, give them a bit more heal, give them one more options to go into stealth mode, give them few more ccs with their cats so that they can have unlimited escapes...
  6. Tips agains warlocks

    Well this is not the real problem (the none target circle) the real problem is that this class has total of 6 escapes (one of hes own + change the places with the thrall + the thrall stun + reset them all) + he can reset all of hes ccs + the once that are parry penetration, also he resets hes 5 sec immune skill, also hes air combo is just insane and can not be tab escaped, also he has block without cd (like for example the sf`s and the gunner`s block) also hes block can be speced to stun block.... So guys when u see a wl and u know hes good, just leave the keyboard or open ur browser and watch some videos untill the match is over.. there is no use for you to fight him anyway.... Ohhh, and dont try to make posts like this one, its useless, the stupid team behind this game is not even watching what is written here anyway... I have like 3 posts about bugs in this game, and no1 is even making the "hard work" to at least read em and replay em...
  7. When are you guys from NC going to fix this game bugs ? All the time people are playing with 150-200 and randomly 400+ ping, all the time i get the message "Can not be used under current conditions" on half of my skills, all of the time people are abusing bugs in the ground counter game (mostly sins and destros), when are you going to fix the balance in this game also, there are few classes that can afford to make as many mistakes as they want and still win the match, and on the other hand there classes that can not afford to make even 1 mistake because in that case they are dead for sure, so where is the balance you claim you have made ???? When are you going to listen to the people in this community ??????? I got like 10 posts already (there are people with even more) AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN AN ANSWER FROM YOUR TEAM, are you even watching this or you are only just staying behind your pc-s watching movies ?? We all understand that it is not easy to manage such a huge game, but COME ON, its not enough to only bring new futures but also to fix the old once you know ????
  8. When will i get back my howling blast ????

    @N3ro I know what are the requirements to do that skill, but even when i have the icon, even when all the requirements are met, there is still that stupid system message: Can not be used under current conditions ....
  9. Okay guys, now for real, isnt the sf already facked up enough ? I guess not, cuz you broke one of the most important skills for that already stupid class - howling blast. 90% of the times i try to use it, i get the system massage - can not be used under current conditions. So i ask you guys @NCSOFT can i get my skill back or i should just delete that class like a lot of ppl did ?
  10. [Question] Character account change

    So will there be such an option ? Character transfer to another account ?
  11. Hello, im sure im not the only one who left the game, and i believe that i wont be the last, but i wanted to tell you (specially to the team behind that game) what are the reasons for that. First of all i should start with the reason i played that game for so long (since beta) and they are as followed: balanced classes, nice pvp, good looking chars and world. But after the last patch, i really cant enjoy the pvp and maybe the reason is the zero balance in classes. The last patch just killed my class, and i dont have the time or the money to start a new one + why should i leave the only class that i like cuz you guys, didnt do your job at balancing the classes ? I should make one char for pvp that i dont like and one char for pve that i like ? THATS STUPID ! There just cant be few classes *deleted* the arena even on lvl 38-40. and other classes, that farmed all the stupid hm skills, spent hours of farming for them, and getting *deleted*! Fare well and i hope i never start again a game that you created and managed ! Best regards, one of the many left cuz of your undone job ! [Edited by Mercatnip]
  12. Hello guys, first of all i should say that im new in fm class.. playing BnS for about 8 months as BM, but rerolled because the play style of bm didnt fit me at all. So now, im wondering if there are good fm streamers showing nice guides both for pvp and pve. or just clips with gameplay. I have a lot to learn about that class, and watching some clips would be useful for me.