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  1. Merry Christmas Blade & Soul ??

    It's not really about the decorations themselves, it's about NC WEST showing the community that they give a damn, which they have shown time and time again lately that they dont. The other regions all got special Christmas events, NA/EU was the ONLY region to not get a special Christmas event, and regardless of whether you think the Christmas decorations are gaudy or not (I agree that they are), this is a matter of principle, it's a matter of giving something back to the people who pay your damn bills.
  2. SCAM with Silver Saberfang Chest

    It's absolutely disgustingly greedy. NC WEST is so out of touch, If they could be bothered to check their forums they would see just how unhappy the community is right now with all of their decisions, but they dont, because they dont care, and the game suffers for it. I love this game, but at this point, I want it to die, if only to spite NC WEST for their absolutely pathetic and unacceptable handling of this game. STOP THE GREED NC WEST, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH
  3. Merry Christmas Blade & Soul ??

    Its time to wake up and realise that your community isnt happy NC West, not just with the lack of christmas stuff and new year's stuff, but also in the general direction that the game is heading in. You cant just sweep these issues under the rug and hope that we as the players will keep giving you our money. You NEED to interact with your players, this silence on your end is only making matters worse, i have already recommended to all of my friends who play bns to stop spending money on the game and I will continue to do so until I see a real effort from you to turn things around. #RemoveEververse...
  4. Merry Christmas Blade & Soul ??

    Desipte asking for a reply from staff multiple times, and even tagging the community manager personally asking for a reply, so have still not received one is pretty damning. If NC is committed to sweeping their lack of care towards the playerbase "under the rug" per se, they will be disappointed, as I dont intend to let things go until I see a response, this is simply unacceptable
  5. Merry Christmas Blade & Soul ??

    Look Pal, I want to know why other regions of this game can manage to have Christmas events but not us, calling me a "whiner" because I am concerned about the game is wrong, Go take your rude attitude somewhere else. This is a genuine concern that many players have, that The team behind BnS NA/EU is more concerned about putting out constant cash shop "events" rather than make improvements to the actual game, I want to get a response from the staff because I want to see that they actually give enough of a damn about the playerbase for their game. I never said anything about quitting, I love the game, and I want it to be as good as it possibly can be. I dont need some arrogant "white-knight" such as yourself coming along and derailing another thread expressing genuine concerns with your rude attitude, telling people to "stop whining" or to just quit, you are not contributing to this discussion in a helpful way, so please do us all a favour and take your rude attitude somewhere else
  6. Merry Christmas Blade & Soul ??

    nearly a week now and still no response from the NC West staff? Can we get an actual response regarding this please, Is this being read? would be nice to get something at least @Liinxy (not sure how to blanket tag staff members)
  7. Decisions like this wanna make me quit the game -.-

    Isnt the reason to bring this up the fact that it IS a disgrace that support acts in this way, and shouldnt we as the playerbase hope for something better? if no-one says anything or speaks out, nothing will change. Slavery didnt get abolished in America because people just pretended it wasnt happening, it got abolished because people stood up and spoke out against it, the same principle applys here too
  8. Abbreviation Help

    proof then of regional difference, you are on EU, he is on NA. on NA its FAS not school, and gunner is just gunner, reset is called AC to avoid confusion
  9. Maxed out pet: What does guardian shield do?

    not useful? lol, its extremely powerful, you can survive a hit for 1000000000000000000000 damage as long as you have the shield, that seems pretty good to me
  10. Merry Christmas Blade & Soul ??

    No word from any staff on this thread or the thread that I created about a week ago now This isnt good enough. The silence from the NC West staff is absolutely unacceptable, they are so out of touch with their playerbase, and quite frankly, i think the majority of us have had enough of the attitude from the NC West team. We are sick of these constant money making events while you pay little attention to the issues plaguing the game, no effort at all put into a proper christmas event outside the cash grabbing trove. THIS ISNT GOOD ENOUGH NC WEST. Other games, other FREE games, can manage to put real effort into their Christmas events, can put real effort into interacting with their playerbases on a daily basis, can maintain an actual in game presence and can actually listen to what the community is saying, so why cant you? I want to see an actual reply from an actual staff member addressing some of these concerns, because after almost 2 years, it just feels like its falling on deaf ears. I have genuinely never been so disappointed in a video game's staff before, because unlike a lot of other crappy, mis-managed games, i love bns, i am passionate about it and I KNOW that it can be better
  11. Why no Christmas decorations this year?

    I think its a very sad state of affairs when you really see how little the GM's and dev team interacts with its community. The occasional stream is not enough, and the GM's have no tangible presence in game at all. We get "events" back to back encouraging us to pay, pay, pay but virtually zero interaction from the NC West staff. Something that I would personally love to see is in game activities hosted by members of the staff, with rewards for participating. We need to see that the team is as passionate about this game as we, the players, are. Putting out cash grabbing events constantly and having no presence in game does not show passion for the game. I know that I am not alone in thinking that the NC West staff could be doing a better job of interacting with their community, and I think that day to day presence in game, playing together with the community, hosting activities and answering questions is an excellent way to show that they care about more than just the number after the $ sign. It would be great to get some feedback from the Community Manager or someone from the NC West team about this
  12. Why no Christmas decorations this year?

    I think that is an extremely weak excuse, It was ok last year, what changed for this year, this is what I am asking specifically
  13. Why are PTS RNG to transmute?

    exactly, this isnt a huge issue for the really well set up characters, people with really geared mains to farm on etc. what we are talking about here are the fresh, new players, who have no such assistance, for these people, the rng walls in this game can be extremely brutal, thats what needs fixing
  14. As the title suggests, last year we had a Christmas theme in both Zaiwei and Jadestone of Christmas, decorations and snow effects and such, I would like to know why that wasnt bought back for this year? We have a Trove over Christmas but not Christmas theme for the game... This seems like a sad confusion of priorities to me, other games have their Christmas themes and have their GM's in game celebrating Christmas with the players, but here in BnS what do we have? a Whale-a-thon event and Zero presence in game from the NC West team or any real kind of Christmas cheer. even BnS China manages to spread the holiday spirit. see example As someone who cares about the future of this game, its very sad to see how little interaction the NC West eam has with its community on a day to day basis, and its even more sad to see that the priority at Christmas time was a cash-grab rather than some festive fun for all to enjoy.
  15. Why are PTS RNG to transmute?

    sure, lets take a reasonable suggestion and turn it into something ridiculous, another classic example of how people who love to bash people making reasonable suggestion will turn that suggestion into something ludicrous in order to make it seem incredulous