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  1. hey guys, i cant find too many info on wether to go raid path or not. Im about to upgrade my GC9 to tb but not too many people that has tb3 are very happy i noticed. does someone have any comment about this?
  2. I upgraded my wep on GC9 from GC3 and my burst dps without sb went down from 3.5mill to 2.4 mill. Has anyone notice a change of dps from recent patch? Or are gunners broken again?
  3. I am also having the same problems and everytime I open a ticket. Support tells me the same run around. This makes the game unplayable...............
  4. true, ill buy another 100 if I dont get anything good. Ill give up trove entirely lol
  5. thanks for sharing. I will buy another 200 keys to equal 500 and see how my luck is. I have a feeling ill see a several square gems on my next try. Wish me luck! :)
  6. rng rage, ive heard it a thousand times, if its up to us, BNS will not make enough money to maintain the servers and workers whose keeping the game alive, their business model suckss for us i know.. .But hey you are not alone, Ive also spent $$$$$ to get my square dyads and failed....but guess what Im over it...
  7. ive sent 305 keys already and no dyad square gems...does anyone have experience from buying more keys after 300 and get the dyad square gems??
  8. Hey Guys! Looking to form a clan based on location. Not sure if this is something people would do but I thought I'd give it a try. Reply if you live in Vegas area or if you think forming a clan based on region is a good idea. :)
  9. Ok. Ive never had this problem since I start playing this game 3 years ago. Its just probably me. Thanks for letting me know.
  10. Ive been getting "Failed to log in server, 200" error all afternoon. Anyone having this issue as well?
  11. This link is not useful. It does not work. I repeat, the response from tech support does NOT work.
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