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  1. Nothing was announced anywhere, not even on Twitter and they aren't saying anything still.
  2. An unannounced maintenance is going down in BnS right now apparently. A whole bunch of us just dcd in 6v6 and lost a bunch of rank points because of the lack of warning. People need to be compensated and, if the rank points are lost, PvP rankings need to be rolled back appropriately.
  3. Sure go fix it but also ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing compensate us and not with some shitty 10 keys or something. Some people spent 1000+ keys on first day. I myself used 83. We want a rollback!
  4. Idk how long we have to QQ about this for something to be done. I have sent tickets I have made more than one post. It is beyond obvious that des needs a serious buff for PVE. By the looks of it they will just keep buffing BD while Destroyer is stuck in the same place forever and becomes completely obsolete. The biggest update we have gotten was last year when they adjusted our grab to restrain...It's pretty obvious to see where things are going tbh you already read "need grab pref BD" in party recruit chat on a daily basis. They don't listen and they won't listen for another 2 years probably.
  5. What in the world are you on about?? Any class can do that. Look at destro DPS in PVE and then talk to me about fair.
  6. This is where I got the info https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/5nncas/1st_anniversary_preview_stream_recap/ (look in the comments there are extra links in there) Full list of class changes (of course NOTHING on destroyer again because obviously soon the search will bee filled with "lf grab pref BD" and FM going to continue to be shit in PvP forever? Even I feel bad for them when we go 1v1) Blade Master: Dragontongue: Base damage 11.00 -> 7.50 Inflicts 4.00 additional flame damage on critical hit Lightning D
  7. Blade Dancer: Lightning Flash (Flash Step Stage 2): Cast speed increased Equipment/item and additional damage procs (Ruby, Baleful procs, etc.) on second hit -> first hit Storm Cleave (Dual Strike Stage 3): Inflicts an additional 14.00 lightning damage over 4 hits when Lightning Focus is learned. Lightning Draw: Stage 1 Tier 5: Damaging field damage increased 8.00 -> 16.00 Stage 2 Tier 5: Damage dealt inflicted on grabbed, phantom gripped targets increase 12.50 -> 20.00 Multislash (Rush St
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