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  1. Hello, Here are two bugs I've noticed while playing Arsenal spec gunner. In simple mode, Grid Lock (after using Tri Scope/Terminus) is unavailable IF Photon Fall is on cooldown. In normal mode, it works as intended. In both normal and simple mode, Terminus and Standoff share a cooldown. As in, using one skill will put the other one on cooldown for the first skill's cooldown duration. For example, using Terminus will make standoff go on cooldown for 12 seconds (even though Standoff's max cooldown is 6 seconds). Using Standoff will make you unable to use Terminus f
  2. Hello, This is because additional AP % modifiers from accessories do not scale with Mystic % and Crit Dmg %, where the cards from sanctums of the masters (or insignias) do. I think it's just a coincidence that your Mystic % * Crit dmg % is around 6x, making it seem like this effect already took place. However, in the next patch, I've read that the cards/insignias will no longer scale with crit damage %, so that's why they're getting buffed as a compensation. Thus, making it a buff for lower-geared players and a net zero for late-game players (these players h
  3. Bumping this because it is still an issue that was once resolved and then broke again. With a new community manager, hopefully they'll be able to bring this to light with the devs. Additionally, uploading any F2 picture will randomly reset itself back to the default stock picture after a few hours.
  4. This was fixed recently (December 8, 2021), but the fix was undone this patch (January 19, 2022).
  5. Hello, Regional changes we've had in the past have been reverted this anniversary patch (January 19, 2022). For example: HP of easy and hard mode dungeons were increased despite having been nerfed a little after UE4 was released. Eva Nakari's exp gain is back to what it was originally when it was nerfed to combat botters. Characters with long IGNs are invisible in f8 once again as explained in the attached post. There are probably more regional changes we had that got reverted as well, but these are the things that I've no
  6. People in the past said that it was most likely the eye distance of your character that could cause you being invisible. No specific values since it seemed to be a combination of other features too. Someone uploaded their tested values in a Google Sheet but I don't know where that is anymore. What I usually do when I make a character is select one of the defaults and leave the eyes as is, then change everything else to what I want.
  7. Note: This bug is different from the original invisible-in-F8 bug (which is suspected to be caused by eye distance upon character creation and it still currently exists). This one is relatively new. I noticed the message around the March 17th, 2021, so it was likely the patch prior to this date. I hoped that UE4 launch would fix it, but it did not. Characters with long IGNs will be invisible in F8 for every other player. "Long" means a character whose name is at least 13 characters. Invisible means everybody else is unable to see you. You will always be able to see yourself, but no
  8. Bug Summary: Characters will long IGNs will be invisible in F8. "Long" means a character whose name takes up two lines in the F8 thumbnail portrait. Invisible is to everybody that is not you. You will see yourself, but nobody else will be able to see your character (or its portrait at the top). When you go into F8 you will see this message in the chat box: "Unable to send. The message is too long." And anybody else in the party will not be able to see you. Reproduction steps: 1. Make a character with a long IGN. Space does not matter. Make sure the IGN is long enough such
  9. Bug Summary: Destruction Gunner Reaper talent's Awakened Bulletstorm does not give 5 Explosive Rounds on final hit while in Soul Burn/Soul Flare. It requires a reload to get back Explosive Rounds (as if it were using the non-awakened form). Reproduction steps: Activate soul burn/soul flare with a destruction gunner in the party. Destruction gunner uses tab (tombstone) and then F (awakened bulletstorm). F will not be usable again since the 5 Explosive stacks were not given. Getting the explosive stacks require using lmb (reload) in between each F, which is not implied by the skill descrip
  10. This is pretty ridiculous to let us collect currency until the very last day of the event (and a bit after with the extra Box Of Spells), and then remove the option to redeem our rewards. We put in a lot of effort collecting these things, but can't do anything with it. A lot of us waited until the event ended because the redemption period is much later than that and we did not want to purchase duplicate tiles. Please reconsider your decision of removing the transmutations.
  11. @Hime I purchased about 100 pet pods after the exploit was patched, and then all of my pet pods (including ones I owned before the exploit) were removed. I have received nothing back. I'm not sure why players who offloaded their exploited pet pods (either through selling or upgrading) remain unpunished, but those who purchased them were.
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