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  1. Man , i'm just here laughing , Ncsoft will really lose a lot this year
  2. Brace yourselves NCsoft , You people are going to lose a lot of players , and trust me , i'm never recommending this game to anyone I know , And as a matter of fact I really hope you guys are reading this thread
  3. Hahahaha Omg NcSoft You guys Fuuuuuuuvcked Uuuup Pretty bad Omg , this is soo frustrating that I can't even get angry , i'm just literally laughing now out of anger hahaha , You guys are really dump like , wth? This Update was actually a really good move for you guys , it could have somehow raise the playerbase but noooo you had to change the one thing people were hyped on , I'm actually sorry for cussing but y'all are dumb af , pls give this game to another company that actually listen to their players voices cause right now..Man i'm out of words , Just dumb
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