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  1. Keeping alive the thread, this is supports response to my ticket: So, seems is going to be a lost week. Soul Boost was a great idea to try to reach higher tiers and for old players to return. I've seen returning friends that stopped playing the game long ago. It's a shame that the changes to the dungeons and daily challenge did not consider Soul Boost.
  2. @Green Storm Soul Boost Stage 2 is also broken. I just completed [demonsbane] Chaos supply chain 2 successful attacks at level 1. And didn't get the 500 points. Reference screenshot below Screenshot00026
  3. And under which type of issue we should report it?! can't believe this has been happening since Otober 2019 and has not been fixed. I just returned to play for a while willing to invest some cash to upgrade quickly, (now that it is p2w) but now I have two characters with this problem! I submint tickets all day at job and now have to do the same if I want to play. Awesome!!!
  4. I say give them what they want, If they dont want people playing then lets just massively log off. I enjoy the game but there is no case on getting stressed with this kind of "issues" and specially when they are not giving to it the right priority or an appropiate feedback to the community,..
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