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  1. what happend to 2018 winner outfit?

    welp arround 8 moths seem a bit too much for me, also an outfit wich supposed to be on 2018 being relased on 2019 seem a bit off
  2. i been off a time and i want to know if they ever relased this or what happend whit it because i cant find it on f3
  3. so yunsang is back, i guess that blindfold is the ajanara what ever was called high monk and jinsoyun get kidnaped again.......what a surprise showing again how useless is our dear MC
  4. Shameful Golden Harvest "event".

    i took a vacation from game because of halloween event and today i back just to cheek the event know what bns events was good in the begining but now they all are crap, unless they start giving true events my vacation will continue. If NC think BNS is a must play mmo right now i would laugh to dead on halloween i just quit to play other games and i haved a blast some offer crafting events to make cool outfits, others gave a bunch of materials or game loging rewards just explode on your face only for being on a few mins but what BNS have to offer is just PAIN and BORING CHORES.
  5. This would fix new players problems!

    are you not confusing Bido on diferente places nyaru labyrinth he use a bangle wen you battle him sundered nexus he alway used a phantom sword after defeating his robot and sundered nexus is untouched besides the mega nerf to the gold,rewards and drops
  6. easy get gold rank if you dont get erased in 0.01 sec
  7. not nerf rng,%,achievements,ranks means QLO for NC
  8. you can farm thriller coins all you want but most of the best reward are locked behind killers coins wich you can get 5 peer day 2 on daily challange and 3 doing zaiwei dailys. yeah daily challange wont be much an issue but here come the joke for the 3 zaiwei dailys you need to actually kill mobs on there to make murking lord,pyrefist and scorpion queen spawn. some of bad thing that can happend here: -you are outdamaged by whales and dont get a chance to drop boss box -you kill countless mobs mini boss spawn but random ninja afk whale delete the mini boss before you could type WTF and he take all the glory the amount of job and time invest for the event is too dam high and its double currency? WTF, if you was on old days you gonna remember how people used to afk ON ZAIWEI and let other do the job for them and it wasnt 1 or 2 i used to see like 6 people killing mobs while 10-14 siting there even laughing at you. the best reward whit thriller coins but depending on times will only benefit those who play a loot of hours Legendary Element 45 Legendary Jewel 45 Raven King’s Soul 25
  9. the outfit is bad, the rates on exchange are bad, is all good they chose zaiwei for event but let be reasonable its outdated for the content we have now im pretty sure ranged will delete normal mobs arround the area and bosses before you could even touch them like happend in SSP, the bosses on the area spawn by making the mini events arround zaiwei but yeah we will have those lazy leechers sitting down in front of scorpion queen............ But all that aside at this point i dont care i have others mmo i can play and some of them have better or even more rewarding events. I used to love those event wich gave you like 6/7 oils peer character now you can barelly get 1 petpack or sacred vial wich is the most stupid thing on the world.....and they said they gonna make those item more available on events yeah felll like a nerf to me.
  10. Next halloween event

    on the next event: .Killing Pyrefist, Spectral Scorpion Demon, or Murkwing Lord will provide a Sinister Swag Chest which has a small chance to provide 1 Thriller Coin token, and some additional rewards. .Killing Tarakhan provides Tarakhan’s Candy Crate which has a small chance to provide 3-5 Thriller Coin event tokens, as well as some additional rewards. .Killing Visasa provides Visasa’s Box O’ Treats or Visasa’s Box O’ Tricks based on damage contribution. Both have a chance to provide a Killer Coin event token and Thriller Coin event token, as well as some additional rewards including a chance at the Chow Pal backpack and the Noblesse costume! And, killing NPCs in Zaiwei Ruins also have a very small chance to drop a Thriller Coin event token. if i understand this well the amount of afk will be to daam high PLEASE TELL ME AT LEAST BOSSES WILL HAVE SPAWN TIME i dont wanna work doing the mini events in zaiwei while 200 zombies are scratching their ass waiting for bosses like in the old days of zaiwei
  11. why the change on tiger/dragon bracelet

    yeah can easilly do 16-19 on my BM using ultimate can almost deplete 40% hp of those dual battles GG but that said i cant imagine my alts doing it if wasnt for my main i will be like WTF. the bead drop rate need a bit of buff is kinda dissapointing go and that only floor 19 drop a bead most of the time and they could change the 5 prayer beads reaward to ¨the dead refuse to die¨ since for ¨know thine enemy 2¨ the community is a bit toxic towards those who lack on certain gear for the most of the dungeon it ask.
  12. just why? i back to play and i hear from a friend that you could just buy the box and open whit key now wen i look on the npc why the need of those freaking unrefined crap........
  13. Players rejoining lobbies after kick

    the game alredy gave you a tool "private room" just ask for pm then cheek the player gear and invite them sharing your pt party password. Im not against making your own party setting for fast clearing but the system you are asking for will only make the game even more toxic, the way you sound is the same of those who think raven 3 is not enough to clear NF and higher dungeons.
  14. Do you want to remove all the F2P?

    first forgive my bad english now you know they started to kill the game wen they implemented the bound materials, they say they gonna help player on material shortage yes you have tons of them buuut wen you going to craft something important it ask unbound materials so you can just grab all those crystals and put them in your *** because they are worthless......just imagine getting moonstones,orbs,etc and not those lame crystals your life will be easy, one example could be you have toons of materiales but you need gold then just sell them on marketplace wont that solve a lot of problems¿? oohhhhh but the real reason for crystal to exist is only to push player into trove madness or rng boxes and wait whales need to be special so why no lock unbound materials behind unfair content like 6v6,etc. PD:PVP is equalized yeah wathever the mode is dead as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
  15. Indeed but is one of their way to push people into spending money since enrage timer help feeding the sensation of having the best gear in game asap, whiout the timer you could just play whiout the fear of failing,at your own pace or gear values and no need for carrys of hyper mega high end gear players to wipe the dungeon in seconds. This change only show how money hunger they are since it make no sense at all, removing the timer in NS and below dungeons would have maked more sense but this just leave me whit a big "wut?".