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  1. Starcaller RNG Box

    I don't know why but I can buy these chests with only hmcoins. I scanned/repaired still not available in Ncoin tab.Anyone here has the same issues ?
  2. No NCoin after purchasing?

    I also bought ncoins with credit card and still no email and the transaction history doesn't show anything.I can't even send ticket because i don't have the order number, it showed only 1 time after purchase and i didn't copy it.It's not my first time buying from ncsoft.Few hours ago i bought premium and it was almost instant.
  3. Your event sucks.

    I did this event every day on 3 of my characters. Only 2 of them got the gem.The other one has 49 chocolate hearts. rip 7 ap amethyst.
  4. insane ping lags?

    I'm playing on EU, Spirit's Rest and my ping is usually 90-120 but today I've noticed it's around 150-170.I don't know if this is normal...only in BnS my ping is that high.