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  1. As far as i know it is indeed a heal on crit.
  2. As far as i know the ranged mode of SF is far from viable. The thing is, i tried the classes. Almost everyone but Destroyer reached level 30 or further. I couldve been already max level if i'd just find the suiting class finally.
  3. I was told that melees in general are in a big disadvantage in this game, altough i enjoy melee more than ranged. But i dont want to cripple myself in that way
  4. Summoner so far feels really powerful, but some kind of ... meeh. Is it getting better than playing with those 3-4 Keys or am i better off with the FM?
  5. So you guys just made me unsure again if summoner might be the best choice :( What about population, i tend to see 3x as many FM than Summoners
  6. I was told, that WL healing got nerfed so much that its far from viable compared to their squishyness
  7. So i reached level 26 , dealing quite much damage but i dont seem to get any healing from the abilities when i look for the skillpoints
  8. I wonder where those healing abilities shall come from at the force master? Got both at lvl 20 and the self-healing of WL seems vastly superior at this point.
  9. I guess it will come down to FM then. Thx everyone
  10. Can someone explain me please what exactly makes Force Master good for solo PvE?
  11. And what about Forcemaster, especially in terms of solo surviability?
  12. I read on this forum, that summoner is really dull and boring at high level. Is that true?
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