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  1. There seems to be a bug with the wolf form in iron claw spec. left click is supposed to lower the cooldown of 4 but i notice that sometimes left click will not hit at all for the entire duration of wolf form. My accuracy isnt low enough to miss attacks especially on a training dummy, but even if it was i wouldnt be missing only left click for the whole duration of wolf form. Had anyone else noticed this issue?
  2. im sorry i cant even defend you anymore. you quite literally dont have a clue what you are doing. everything in todays patch is confusing ppl cant upgrade accs even with the materials talent points are screwed skills are screwed and ppl wasted time and gold because of your incompetence. 100 demon spirt stones just gone without compensation. i just dont understand why its so hard to grasp for your company that your greediness is gonna kill it
  3. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Good job making half the player base quit your game even nexon didnt pull some shit like this lol *slow clap*