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  1. I don't disagree with you, it is a gear dependent event. My only point was that a lot of people even with the gear can't pull off half their potential DPS to clear it anyways.


    If they made it too easy, then everyone can just farm their gems easily. What they should've done is allow everyone to participate but not make the event farmable.  

  2. 8 hours ago, HateMe said:

    i am not defending anyone, but i also dont take any hear say from people. If you have indeed proof that the raid was not advertised as no gold split and that the raid leader indeed scammed you, then you did good in reporting him. No one likes scammers. but experience also taught me that people can say a lot of things, they can say ABC while in fact things were DEF and they just misread for example. The truth is in the screenshots / video of both the raid and the recruitment message.

    But then you said you're "100% sure" without any proof. Hmm...

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