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  1. I just made a BD and so far i manage to level it up to level 36 Is there a good guide about the skill build, rotation and play style for PvE and PvP Skills usable when facing multiple mobs or single mobs, also for dealing with range mobs Thank you! PS. After the current patch since most i found was old guide before the patch
  2. IMHO I would ride the story quests until i reach level 50 before considering purchasing Premium Membership, you will get more benefits from there With premium you'll get a nice discount for some HM Skills like Zen Beans and Legendary SS flower cost
  3. Sadly GeForce Experience doesn't work for BnS NA client so i would wrote down the settings and edit them myself
  4. 1. Better servers farm and 64 bit client 2. More love for MSP and/or other 24 man dungeons 3. Revamp the whole SSP mechanic 4. Freed the wardrobe feature 5. More love to the players and increase the RNG rates exponentially
  5. Merry Christmas and happy holiday everyone ♥
  6. I finally have time to finish my video! I hope you all enjoy it, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEARS!
  7. Dear BnS Developer, for my New Years resolution I wish you would bring this amazingly complete costume into NA/EU servers, pretty please witch cherry on top Thank you and Merry Christmas
  8. Finally redid my toon and here what she looks like now Look kitty, its Santa!
  9. The problem is, they ( He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named ) need to stop feeding the gold farmer more ways to squeezed SSP for farming gold Its already toxic there with a lot of farmer only killing the big mobs and doesn't bother with the little piggies and sometimes ruins the whole raid or let the drill died, pulling other mobs into the fight so they will get easy killing and prestige and other toxic behavior Now adding Evolved Stones into this already broken place is utterly dumb, there are other 24 dungeon raids that need a good boost in terms of loot drop
  10. The event itself IMHO are more challenging, but i would rather have another Tower of Boring (Tower of Memory) and the mats required to get the prize are just ridiculously high As for MSP, its dying as we speak since most already got their legendary SS, let me rephrase that most "lucky" players already got their legendary SS and have nothing else to benefit from it, i know it gave a lot of experience. But so does accumulative dungeons runs with less time and less hassle than having to organized 24 people into one raid. Make MSP great again by having something profitable
  11. Heres the instruction you can try https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us/articles/207951656?input_string=install
  12. Agreed Even though i usually just go to the dungeon alone to do this quest but with this it should help to speed up filling the turtle rage bar since a lot of time people just stand around waiting for thrasher to spawn
  13. I tried entering Tomb today with my alt. She is a level 49 Sin with 424 AP (Clearly way to low for this dungeon) and to my surprise, i can actually Click Desolate Tomb and actually LFP myself into the dungeon Lobby. P.S: Before flaming me about this i was just curious and try to see if my level 49 Account can enter Desolate Tomb
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