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  1. I been trying to go back to playing BnS and each time i enter the PIN Code the game gives me the Error 200 Anyway i can do to fix this?
  2. First of all, i am happy some of you guys getting 5 or even all gem socket open when you upgrade to legendary, i do And yes, i did rushed my upgrade because the new content or more like the community requires you to have higher AP or you will be left behind And trust me, even in clan you will be a bench warmer if your AP is not high enough. Not to mention i been savin enough mats and gold to get me to stage 7 which i use my remainin Heavenly Energy to get the Forgin Orbs, yay me. But thats a different story all together What i was hopin that NCSuck would reduce the
  3. They never did gave me a clear warnin the first time. But thank you for the heartwarnin reply RainbowDashie. By the way, no one can predict the FUTURE :D and if we should wait for every rollback, no one would upgraded their weapon...duh
  4. Dear NCSoft (edited by Mercatnip) I hardly say anythin about anythin. But this time i really have to I been farmin and savin a lot of mats to upgrade my Ivory stage 10 to legendary. And i did. I got it to stage 7 even bought Silverfrost Keys for unboxin the weapon chest But lo and behold. After i got it to stage 7 the gem slot magically never seems to add and stay at 3 THREE sockets. I asked Support if they can help me, but apparently since i already asked once with my other character your policy forbid them to hel
  5. The broken dream and hardship our little warrior had to endure on her jouney
  6. This one is a bit long but i hope its good ♥ Our little warrior hardship during her journey
  7. Our little warrior on her big mission to help her friend
  8. Our little warrior still trying to start her journey to become the true Hongmoon warrior....someday
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