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  1. If you learn just 1 kill combo any any class, you'll get the outfits pretty freaking quickly. Would you rather rng farm shadow strike for the full outfit all day (if you're lucky) or get it guaranteed in maybe 2hrs tops if you keep losing?
  2. At least it's not as bad as gunner was in 6v6
  3. I've been playing for over 2yrs now, and I sympathize with you. When I play on alts, I experience your frustration. 3 things you must do however: 1. Let the party know that you are new. 2. Listen to the experienced players 3. Try to brush up on the mechs of a new dungeon before you run. I personally don't mind carrying people on my main for dungeons I know I can do 80% of the work, but for harder content its imperative that you follow these rules. Those 3 points alone will greatly aid you not only in f8 but in the game. Other players will notice and might recruit you into their clan, or take
  4. Why not Lycandi for new pc race? Looks human enough. Fits lore. Would be great for the new class to be unique to them. It would fit too.
  5. Arena is dying because people don't know how to chill. These guys who are hardcore don't think of the long term effects of what they do. Running on alts an noob stomping is fun to a point, I get it, but doesn't help bring in new blood. Using 10 alts of the same class is good for you sure, but doesn't make anyone else want to bother playing since they know you'll hog all the rewards. Learn to chill, not go so hardcore all the time. The good billiards players usually win, the pool sharks sometimes lose, but the real sharks always get the big payout.
  6. Everything damn near 1 shots at this point when burst is up. Don't really see the issue.
  7. From what I've seen, success in 6v6 is far more class dependent than anything. You wanna wreck people? roll a ranged class (WL) with a galaxy weapon and piercing and you'll be alright. stick with one person and jump other people. Proceed to field repair on their corpse. You want to win? roll assassin and stick to beluga until you have gear. You want to win in WWV? roll a spin class and spin around a brazier. Do anything else, you're gonna have a bad time.
  8. I totally agree with this. I enjoyed my time climbing in Halo 3 cause of how the skill ratings worked. Every opponent was about your skill level. A little higher or a little lower. Then 3months later I'm PvP 50 and join an unranked and see the difference. It's pretty hard (and irritating) to try to learn when you keep getting smoked by some 2000+ guys alt using advanved tactics when youre trying to just get simple muscle memory and basic combos down. Throw in some random ping spikes, disconnects, game crashes and other bulls*** bugs, and it really kills the mood.
  9. The biggest challenges of end game are other players in the community and ever growing AP requirements. (750 Poh...really?)
  10. NA has a recruitment discord for NM/HM NS & IF. I'm sure they'd have one there too.
  11. I made a post sort if related to this issue. Honestly though, if you take the story mats, get a galaxy weapon, and start doing arena for frags, it will help a lot. You won't die in 1 hit. Maybe 2 XD. They also made them super cheap to upgrade now.
  12. The prices I gave were just example numbers. It would have to be tweaked to be appropriate. As for the exploiters and bots, would be tough to bot at plat and diamond. Exploits would be hard to deal with, but you'll always have those wherever there's profit in it. Ex: clan 6v6 1300 ascendant Maybe not evolved stones (it would just be a chance, not guaranteed), but I think everything I else I mentioned would be good. Would definitely make arena more lively.
  13. That's why I suggested only having account bound mats from arenas. The idea is to make it great for new players and useful for geared players. The idea is that at a point, it'll be more beneficial to do 6v6, but by that time you'll have some pvp gear and fighting experience to still make it interesting ( you'll still explode when hit by ascendant weapons though). The increasing quality of the pouches based on rating would encourage people to play and not camp ladder (getting evolved stones from plat, diamond pouches) The account bound part, would make it
  14. As a whale player, I have enjoyed the game (for the most part) and would hate to see my investment wasted with the "death" of the game. I never felt like I was really paying to win, but more so "buying stock" and getting a few perks. I still have a few alt accounts that I use completely free to play though and I can totally see some serious obstacles for new or undergeared players: 1. AP requirements for some dungeons are just stupid (750 Yeti) 2. Legendary jewels and elements 3. Honorary Ornaments (elysion orbs) and moonstones. I'd l
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