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  1. Are you returning gold we spent from buying items from F5 and Faction during that week too? There are two problems with this so far: I bought my stuff from the in-game sources (F5 and Chat) and still had my items deleted (yes I did touch the NPC before the forum notice came up); The players who, possibly, exploited and sold items keep the gold and go unharmed, but buyers have their gold and pet pods deleted; Confiscated me: pet pod 100+, tiger pet 120+, 200+ wool, 4000+ soulstone, these are all purchased from f5 or players. They cost me 20k+ gold coins! !
  2. The blue screen code is 00000124, you said the idea is great but I can't read it.
  3. Blue screen even when reinstalling the game。。。If this goes on, I feel like I'm going to be abandoned by this game!
  4. Blue screen code 0000124 !!But I don't think it's a computer problem because playing other big games can run smoothly! ! Such as Starcraft 2, wor fo tank!
  5. 2 weeks before the blue screen began until now! ! Yesterday I spent a full hour with the blue screen! !。。Windows7 64-bit Ultimate ,i7 4790k ,GTX 980 ,250G SSD ,8RAMI completely cleaned the computer, but she still blue screen!!Please help me!!
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