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  1. They need to make 6v6 clan battles eligible to members that are only in the clan for more than 1-2 weeks. Problem solved. Some problems are easy to fix, but NcSoft doesn't do anything. The only thing that they can do is to merge servers till only one will remain in the end (or even less). Have fun.
  2. It doesn't matter who is voting, because all the costumes are good just to buy them and delete after. They do not have any imagination. I am playing this game just for outfits. 60% outfits and 40% gear and game play. If they will keep this game with those trash outfits, they will have to do a lot of server merge.... Have fun.
  3. That is a great idea. Of course it will be a lot of effort, but when more people will leave this game..... Like most of the people i am playing this game not for gear but for other things. I want the Dark Angel outfit shoes with another piece of outfit. There will be a lot of combinations. Outfits are a great way to keep this game alive. More and more people that i know have left this game because of the trash outfits that are in the store and more. Some of them were super whales, but now NcSoft will earn less and less money. I hope they will put your idea in action, or soo
  4. Hello, Can we get an outfit like Dark Angel outfit without the wings? And also if you can to be in more colors. We want more outfits like "Dark Angel". No sexy outfits = no money for NCSOFT. Not all of people are obsessed with only gear, there are people that want outfit then gear. More and more people are are using mods for outfits. The are sites on patreon that if u pay some money they will create a mod for your outfit. In this way you will lose alot of money. If you want to get more money star to hire people that can make some sexy outfits not those trash you got in
  5. They really doesn't like our money. This is a 18+ game. We want assssssssssssss........
  6. I hope with the next swimsuits i will see more of my sexy gon (ass, ass, ass).
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