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  1. It is the same so alt's can get the outfit too.
  2. My friends list has not work since the patch too. Seems to be only some ppl that have this problem. Cause others say theirs still work.
  3. This happens to everyone. I have a 150ms ping and I still have to press the skill button 2-3 times for the skill to work. The client is out of sync a little bit. You can notice this the easiest way by pressing enter an then typing right away. You will see the first letter don't register. ToI is another place you can notice the difference in sync when fighting. Also having a high ping don't help at all either. lol
  4. ToI has soooo many flaws against players. The BnS client is out of sync as many ppl have noticed. You press a button on the keyboard, it lights up on the client and nothing. They fixed the AI of the bots one of the last patches. That was the only way you could get up many floors if you were lucky to get one of the classes with a weak AI. The bots have a low MS (ping) so they can counter some of your moves with their CC. Some of the bots are programed to eat time off the clock an not attack the player. The cool downs of the bots are insanely low. I play up to floor 58 no
  5. Think you are looking at the wrong skill for sin. They use protection decoy to stealth the party and it almost the same thing for sin.
  6. Doom n' bloom is suppose to heal your cat now but its not very effective. My sum. kitty has trouble on some bosses staying alive now cause of the removed healing.
  7. If your animation canceling right you shouldn't be having too much trouble dealing damage cause you main attack should be your RMB. (Animation canceling is pressing the LMB then pressing the RMB right after canceling the LMB animation and keep on smashing those 2 buttons together while fighting.) Sunflower should be doing anywhere from 9k-13k damage alone, no buff (guessing cuz I'm higher ap then u). Then all you other skills should be adding to it. It will be hard to see how much combined unless your in a 4man or 24man with the stream of numbers popping up.
  8. It would be nice to see some weapon skins get effects like on the legendary weapons. IE: glowing effects and sparkles
  9. The constant upgrading when leveling up was one of the things I liked about this game. It made you feel like you were getting stronger at a good rate. They should have just left it so you just need the accessory or weapon to upgrade an left it like it was.
  10. The bots at release ruined the faction balance on most servers. Crimson was heavy on my server at start cause the bots filled it an when they banned them it left a big hole. Plus having crimson side locked for a month didn't help either.
  11. Dunno if this is really a bug or not yet. But has anyone have trouble on the last boss trying to stealth after the boss skips a stealth phase. (IE: at 90% is 1st stealth, 70% is second but skips this phase an at 50% it won't let you stealth anymore.) Our group tried 5-6 times at this an we had 2 sums who tried an we could not do it after it skips the 70% stealth phase (yes, every time we tried it would skip the 70% stealth). We can do the first stealth at 90% but at 50% it always failed. So if anyone running EC comes across this issue pls confirm if this is a bug or jus
  12. Even if you buy all the stuff off the HM store you still don't have enough to get the gem. You have to rely on the Daily dash an heart box to drop extra.
  13. Wow, NA they sell for 1 copper. Unless you mean the badges. Then they go for 4-5g on NA last time I checked market. What we are talking about is the tickets to enter the tower.
  14. What is the point of changing the tickets. Just to pizz ppl off. Last season you didn't have to sell your tickets and they rolled over to the next season. Now all those tickets I've been saving are a waste. I'm glade I'm not a new player cuz if I was this would be one thing that would make me quit. thanks game
  15. Yes we complain because we like this game and put a lot of our time into it. An so I'm greedy cause I want 1 more outfit an not 5 more for my other alts. I'm willing to pay or work for it an not want it just "FREE". thanks your a nice guy
  16. Maybe you only have 1 character and don't care about alts. Lots of ppl that play do and would like that costume on their alts like me. Plus I'd rather have to do something to get it on multiple characters then get the costume just one time. Lots of ppl want the same costume on multiple characters. I seen a few posts about it already in the past about this so I brought it back up again. Not too many costumes look good. You seen the ones on the HM store. Yuk.. so when a good one comes along hell yeah I want the same one on multiple characters at the same time.
  17. I wanted the costume for my main an 1 alt. Why do they always screw over alts on this game. Leaves all the ppl who really like this game that have many alts feel like they wasted their time lvling up. Sure they have other advantages (crafting etc.). Maybe I should have made an account for each character I have and solve this. Since buying character slots is pointless if you want all your alts to participate in these events. Should be per character an not account or allow purchase it some how. Don't be stingy BnS team.
  18. Yes, weapon wardrobe would be an awesome addition to the game. I was thinking of the same thing. One reason I don't buy weapon skins on this game was cause it was a 1 time use. Now only the inventory problem will be preventing me from buying more once it fills up.
  19. I know some one else who has this problem too. I told them my cat can dance with the north star outfits prance emote but they said it just stands their doing nothing. I seen some ones cat dancing b4 so I know others can see it. Anyone know of a fix yet? maybe graphics setting?
  20. Currently I am at a lose for SS stat resource. I used to use bnstree's SS mixer to find the best SS now its not their anymore. I had another place I looked as well but that it is gone now too. I even googled it but nothing that has all SS stats on it. Anyone know of a website that has all the SS stats on it? thanks
  21. The prestige loss is one of many problems with ssp. The biggest problem is the stacking of one side of factions (like wataru said). I think the dev team have to realize that ssp needs to be changed big time to make it fair for both sides. Like revamping ssp as bg instead.
  22. The server likes to eat your commands. I usually have a 120-180ms ping and I have to hit the button 3-4 times b4 it works. The reflex skill is impossible to use unless your tapping the button. If you manage to hit it when its lit without tapping the button you see the icon light up telling you you pressed the button but it does nothing. gg server
  23. At least make sunflower aim at the targets when they are above or below you. Right now it only aims straight ahead. Don't know about bee's. If it works the same way it should be fixed to do the same.
  24. Just tired to run tower of memory and it was already completed when I entered. So I left and now locked out. Didn't get rewards or anything for it. Probably a little late in the event but still an issue.
  25. PvP is just not satisfying at all right now. Even the event that is going on now does not make me wanna play. imo
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