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  1. Pretty much this. This patch has gone to far with the DC loot box and mats. Removing the 1g-1kg chance and mats. The DC challenge was the 1 thing I did everyday for the 1k gold chance and that is taken away now. (still haven't gotten it) The new dungeons are filled with toxic players that want 1.1k requirement (is that AP or Ele? lol). You wipe 1 time an everyone leaves. I'm really starting to wonder if this game is worth playing now and I've been playing since release.
  2. This bug was fixed at one point and now it is back again. The only way I was able to get my login rewards was to wait till the last 30 min. b4 reset to collect. Any other time would just not work.
  3. I play a summoner as a main and a BD alt so I know what it is like on both sides. The summoner should "E" his cat and "Q" to keep it from attacking when the orb fire phase comes. But for the summoners that are new won't know this for the boss. With that being said melee should know that if the cat is still attacking during orb fire phase that the cat will get marked and should stay back till the fire swords despawn. Especially when you are in a pug. So imo the sin is as fault for being brain dead and not staying out of the AoE he KNEW that was coming. lol
  4. As far as I know Garena already has BnS. I even looked up the website for it also. Not posting link just google "Garena bns". I can't read the website but it looks to be at IF/SK content now.
  5. I haven't gotten to hive queen but I'm guessing the debuff icon has the iron corners around it so you can't remove it with "E". Same thing when you fight raven king in BT. The Punishment debuff can't be removed with "E" so eventually you have to res your pet when it dies to punishment. One possible change could be "E" now removes pve debuffs that could not before. Other change would be just make those debuffs immune to cats. But I think nothing will change. Not do to it being overpowered but because summ is an easy class and the change would be more of a quality of life issue then
  6. Looks like the only thing they copied was the pose and face. The rest looks to be mostly redone to be original. I have no problem with this imo.
  7. Right now this is the biggest problem upgrading now next to PTS. I can't upgrade at all since I don't have enough soul stones to get my legendary jewels and elements. Then afford the crystals to upgrade as well.
  8. If you wear the north star outfit your cat will dance while doing the prance dance move. Think another outfit does that too. Can't remember right now.
  9. I guess I'll give it a try and explain how aggro works for a sum. lol Their are 2 types of aggro. One you get from doing damage called "threat" and another from a pet skill called "taunt". Taunt (Q) only holds aggro for 8 seconds then who ever has the most damage (or threat) on the mob will get aggro from the mob. If you haven't changed anything in the skill tree you might want to look an see if your pet has the "taunt" skill activated to get it to work properly. Also Wind element only single targets mobs using rmb and earth does an aoe. I use earth due to
  10. I'd like to see this also. Their are other games on steam that are f2p an none or very little of the content goes on "steam" sale cause they have their own sales in game. Account integration is just linking your NCsoft account to your steam account. Many games do this now. I noticed that on steam when some of the bigger f2p games have big updates it gets posted of the front store page and in the pop-up ad as well. The pop-up ad alone will get millions to pay a little attention to BnS or at least know that it exists. lol
  11. Garlend

    Hongmoon points

    I put 20 points in defense and rest in AP with all my characters. 20 points in defense gives you the best bang for your buck. You get more HP to stay alive and defense to decrease the amount of damage you take.
  12. I had a HM18 in my group but the stats are all decreased to be the same for everyone. It don't matter if your whale or not. This is probably why we take more damage cause we also have less defensive stats.
  13. They said is was hard but this is near impossible. I cleared it with my party on the 4th try. You can take dragon blood but the boss can 2-3 shot u an your laying on the floor once your dragon blood is gone. Potions work as usual an can put u back at full hp. Only thing else I can think of doing is putting all your HM points in defense with using that mild dumpling (someone said b4). Your ap is so low the decrease probably won't matter much. Like others said the lever don't work an only a few of the vents have the steam animation on them. The vents don't seem to do anyt
  14. We have a alternative soul shield that we use mostly for pvp soul shields at end game (least I do). With more pvp specific equipment coming out it would be nice if we could equip a different set accessories, weapons, and other stuff when we switch to the alternative soul shield set. This would make things better for ppl who are tight on space an easier to switch between pvp and pve. Other thoughts on this?
  15. For a time you could spec out of and in CC skills for tab but the dev's changed it to make the skill tree simpler. Not sure why they did so it makes the skill tree more "lame". I welcome any change for more skill customization. /thumbsup
  16. Did you by chance take off "Show attack indicators" in options? I'm not sure where it is at in the options but u can reset your settings tho an it might fix it if you can't find it.
  17. My clan does BT most of the time with 7-9 ppl depending if we have enough. Not many of them can come online when we do it so we have to go with what we have. I'm glade I seen this post in case one day we try with 6 ppl I know now we don't get loot. Should still get loot for 6 man bt if you can clear it. They did not make heroic dungeons no loot if you solo.
  18. They need to make it so you can exchange the ring or earring for another element. IE: ice ring + 50 void frags gets u another elemental ring of choice.
  19. Don't say give away has ended or out of keys. No button to get key. Typical Alienware giveaway
  20. I did Zaiwei ruins when it first came out till it became out dated and dead. Only got Bully wrap from the box. I have only seen 2-3 ppl with the outfit or headgear. None of my clan mates got any either. With no one doing Zaiwei ruins now getting it will be super hard. This game tends to give better rewards when more ppl are doing them. Good luck with your hunt.
  21. Well I got a black gem last trove an when it comes up it is not just 1-2 element gems it has all the elements if you unlocked all the trove slots. It is a good idea making them give the gems all elements damage. Then ppl can switch elements if needed. Mostly likely won't happen but good idea none the less.
  22. They did add a damage boost if you are wearing a set of 5 legendary SS. Like the msp SS gives 50% damage to your restraint skill as a 5 set bonus.
  23. Got this on my sin. Which I don't play anymore. The box wans't tradeable so I had to keep it on my sin. sad
  24. Yes, the 1 ncoin box is bad. I get better stuff from the thanksgiving box. The RNG boxes are for the people that want to spend hundreds of dollars on the game and let them buy the boxes. It supports the game where many of the players don't.
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