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  1. I think factions have become worthless imo. People will always stack one faction with the strongest clans/players. Seen this happen on my server. Only way I see faction content to survive is removing faction association with players and clans. Revamping the ssp as a battleground or timed event where you have to sign up with an npc that assigns you to a faction side before battle. Btw, isn't NA servers ceru heavy and EU servers crim heavy?
  2. You can't solo those bosses anymore. They have a lot more hp then before and a enrage timer. It has always been moml for karri only. I never seen a both bosses for cs and if I did I would not join. HM is different since you need a orb to get to the boss like karri hence gambling the orb for a chance at good loot.
  3. lol I would have just thought you were a troll. I usually block people who do that. You don't really need to talk on here unless you are making a party, selling an item to save market fees and clan recruitment. Having no general chat either makes it hard for people as well. The 2 channels to choose from are faction and region. So if you pick the faction with the least players the game will look dead and region just does the map instance your in.
  4. @Showta 1. better servers indeed. The server now adds like 80ms ish to your ping or is it the client. lol 2. You mean raid? I remember that they changed it to 12 cuz it was hard for a lot of clans to get 24 ppl on at the same time from what I heard. 3. More open world content would be awesome. I liked the supplychain/bloodharbor content but a lot of ppl claim that they lag to badly in those zones. 4. More social features would be nice. When open world content as I mentioned before you could go in an group up with randoms to make friends/meet new ppl. @pikapikap
  5. Fiana, I agree with you and most of your arguments. If you wanna nonbrain dead dungeons go hard mode. Let us casuals play the newer content with out the insta wipe if some one messes up. I don't wanna spend an hour in a dungeon just to have ppl leave at the last boss. I did this when asura came out and don't wanna do this again. I work full time and only have a certain amount of time to play. If it does go back to the days when asura came out I would probably quit the game.
  6. Getting a vpn is the best thing you can do like the others said. It can make your connection stable enough to play if the routing is good but won't be on par with US ppl. Try a few most have a trial period. The NA server is more like a "English" speaking server catch all for this game. I know quite a lot of ppl that play from overseas and either use a vpn or just get used to their high ping. Even had friends that left the game that were from overseas that could not play because of an unstable ping.
  7. I just recently bought a NVMe drive for my gaming HD. Going from a ssd to a NVMe I only noticed a slight loading decrease in my game.
  8. How about dual wield class for yun.
  9. I was just wondering how many people use the event consumables? Are they helpful? I know some are good like in the last event the golden harvest revitalizer and the chocolate candy bar (it gave threat? I think) from another event. The others are not so helpful to me so I don't use them at all. The bonuses they give are too marginal you can't tell a difference. Should they not give them out anymore? Maybe boost the bonuses?
  10. I work at night also I know ppl that play from over seas that would like to see this change. So in those hours that it is happening I'm at work or sleeping. Well don't look like their is a lot of support for this. Just wondering if anyone else wanted them spread out more.
  11. I know koldrak lair been out for a while. Can we possibly change the time and make it spread out so more ppl in different time zones can participate.
  12. sometimes ppl leave in the middle of the dungeon. especially if a lot of party members die when fighting the first boss. it is sad. so they want ppl who have enough ap to beat the boss even if a party member leaves.
  13. Only thing you can do is use "ctrl-f" to hide all characters. Also using combat mode in graphics options might help.
  14. 6 raids so far. 3 are easy the other 3 are much harder. You have to get gear from the 6 man dungeons unless you have a clan that can carry you though them. You can only do the raid dungeons once a week then they reset. You can do the easiest hard one as far as I know with less people but you need high geared players and to get loot you need at least 7 players. I only pvp for the first year of release then stopped so I don't know how active open world pvp is. It takes 5 seconds to take off a faction uniform so if you get attacked while doing that it stops the timer. btw,
  15. 1. Raids are dungeons that takes 12 players. Loot is really good but the mech is more challenging then the 6 man dungeons. 2. The PvP open world is faction costume based. If you are wearing the opposite faction costume that another player has you can attack them and they can attack you. Their is also battlegrounds and arena(stats are same for all players).
  16. I'm sure ppl will call it whatever they want. Like how skybreak spire is called bt. Don't seem the community cares for some of the translations. lol
  17. Can we get custom cat outfits? Would love to change color or my cat outfits.
  18. If you get disconnected during koldrak you can not rejoin or join a new one. At least let us rejoin the one we were in.
  19. I don't think they are going to answer here on the forums. If anything is said it will be when they do their patch stream when they are sure what is going to happen in the future. I've seen a few game dev's promise things and can't deliver due to cost or change of game plans. So being quite is their best option here not to promise things they can not deliver. btw, I'm not defending the last patch. It was a bad one that hurt new players and many ppl that are trying to upgrade.
  20. lol I thought same thing till I seen this thread. Last event similar to this one was if you failed you had to start over from stage 1.
  21. Also BnS in Kr has been out already for 6 years (or something like that) b4 coming to NA. So Kr had much longer time to gear up and grind dungeons. We get updates every 3-6 months many ppl are having trouble keeping up including myself. I've had a few friends that played just on week ends and quit cause they couldn't keep up with the updates. My reasonable time frame is 2 months if not less if they play everyday to get to where you can do mid content like IF/EL/SSM. That is getting the old legendary Acc. up to stage 10 an weapon up to at least dawn/rift/raven. Newer content should
  22. I feel for ya op. They should have left the cannons in jadestone a little longer so u could collect rewards and others as well.
  23. If it is too hard ppl leave for another game and then very few ppl will be playing. Especially since last patch but that is another thread.
  24. I feel the same way pretty much. You shouldn't have to study for an hour to learn how to run a dungeon. The normal mode used to be the easy one for new ppl an hard was for vets. Now seems like everyone is having trouble with normal. Also I have never seen a post in F8 for hard for any of the newer dungeons. So that says another thing about the difficulty as well.
  25. I'll use my alt as a example has only 1050ap and I need the Weapon from IF to upgrade. Every party is asking for 1.1k ap for that. Only way to get more AP is to up my gems cause all my other equipment is at max. If you do get a party and you wipe at all on the boss someone calls the group "n00bs" then leaves and then everyone else leaves. Then you are stuck starting the party over or giving up cause no one wants to run it. I did this for asura 6 -man when it was hard and I don't wanna go back to that time. That was a horrible feeling when that happened and wasted so many hours tryi
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