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  1. Hello @Baskerville im not sure that this is the right cause of the problem, but me and several other friends have the same friend list bug as the others here. i tried to think of what we all have in common to try to pinpoint the cause of the issue. the only thing i found is we all had one friend in our list back then, that deleted his entire characters and was showing as simply an empty box that neither me or the others could delete as a friend. i think you should look into this and if this might be the cause of the problem. it looked like this
  2. in addition to all the bs and the patch notes that say how glorious their job was and hows everything is perfect, not a single apology was given or any explanation on wtf going on and when we will really get the fix , and to the guy that said wtf we need f2, well in f8 its a mandatory or else that game is useless
  3. the last "fix" on wednesday was just a humiliation to all bns players, and it shows how the company treats the players after 8 hours of maintenance the f2 page that was promised to be the best there is till now, got worse yet again and it just crossing a line. feels like all u did was just adding another p2w bundle to f10 . that game started as such a promise, yet it feels like the future of this game is in question because of actions like these that show pure disrespect and just the interest to make more money of a game that is doomed to die
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